Christian teacher in UK ‘misgenders’ student and is banned from profession

The following is an excerpt from Just The News.

Christian teacher Joshua Sutcliffe is banned from teaching in England after he accidentally misgendered a student and was honest about his thoughts on gay marriage when a student asked. 

The United Kingdom’s Teaching Regulation Authority, which regulates teaching and deals with serious misconduct, found that Sutcliffe, a 33-year-old former math teacher at a public secondary school in Oxford, failed to treat a student with “dignity and respect” by “misgendering” a biologically female student who identified as male, the Christian Legal Centre, which has been representing Sutcliffe, said Tuesday.

The incident occurred when he praised a group of students with the phrase, “well done, girls.” He said it was accidental and he immediately apologized, according to The Telegraph.

The regulatory body also stated that Sutcliffe “failed to uphold Pupil A’s dignity and respect and failed to safeguard Pupil A’s wellbeing,” with Pupil A referring to the transgender student. 

Given Sutcliffe’s admission that he failed to use the student’s preferred pronoun, the panel found that “it was more probable than not that Mr. Sutcliffe had failed to use Pupil A’s preferred pronoun in the classroom during teaching on one or more occasions.”

“I am devastated by the panel’s ruling and will appeal,” Sutcliffe said. “Based on this ruling, every teacher is at risk if they share their beliefs and views in the classroom.

If a teacher had shown or recommended a video from a liberal YouTube platform, would they have been treated as I have?”

The panel ruled that Sutcliffe is “prohibited from teaching indefinitely” but he can appeal the ruling in 2025.

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5 thoughts on “Christian teacher in UK ‘misgenders’ student and is banned from profession”

  1. “banned from teaching” – but is he suspended? able to earn a salary, work, or apply for another job? this is gross.

  2. This has gone too far. Female – she/her, Male – he/him. It’s biology. Feminine and masculine are social constructs… biology is not. A female can be masculine and a male can be feminine but a male cannot be a female. 2 + 2 = 4

    The ministry of truth has gone too far and the intent is to deconstruct society so that up is down, black is white and 2 + 2 = 5. No society can be successful this way.

  3. Why is it that all these little groups that have some different lifestyle, habit, or addiction keep getting preferential treatment, over the overwhelming mostly silent majority of traditional values? The tail is indeed wagging the dog, and this is like an upside down pyramid. It’s off balance and when the overwhelming weight of the majority has had enough, the pyramid will indeed collapse. It’ll be crushed at the ballot box, and many other peaceful, traditional, turnstiles of change!

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