James O’Keefe accuses ‘corporate press’ of suppressing BlackRock story

The following is from Just The News.

James O’Keefe sounded off about the mainstream media after his company, O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), released a bombshell video of a BlackRock recruiter saying the Russia-Ukraine war is “good for business” and claiming “you can buy a senator” for $10,000.

Serge Varlay, a recruiter for the multi-trillion dollar asset management firm, told an undercover OMG journalist that hedge funds like BlackRock, can “run the world” by controlling the wallets of politicians like senators and even the president of the United States.

The video, released on Twitter, has been seen nearly 10 million times and has received over 100,000 likes. But despite its explosive virality, search engines like Google appear to be suppressing its reach.

When Just the News searched “BlackRock” on Google, a headline of the exposé didn’t appear until several pages into the news section.

Google’s top three “popular” Twitter results were all from two days ago, and two of the three posts linked had only three likes on the social media site.

Google has long been accused of manipulating its algorithm to suppress certain stories. 

RealClearPolitics reported in 2020 that conservative outlets like the Daily Caller and Breitbart experienced a dramatic, sudden drop in website traffic around 2017 and were virtually eliminated from search results around 2020.

According to Yahoo Finance, BlackRock is the second-largest institutional shareholder of Google (Alphabet Inc.), owning nearly 366,000,000 shares valued at $44.5 billion.

Just The News contacted Google for comment and will update this article accordingly.

Link to article here.

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5 thoughts on “James O’Keefe accuses ‘corporate press’ of suppressing BlackRock story”

  1. If you use the BRAVE search engine, you get pages of stories about BlackRock and recruiter buying a senator.
    Google relationship to Black Rock is understandable.
    Would changing Section 230 prevent this?

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  3. That the price is 10k is so low shows how common and everyday this actually is. Your government is not just corrupt, it is corrupt, to the power of corruption, exponentially corrupt, even.

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