Some foreigners can now serve on US Capitol Police force

The following is from Just the News.

The municipal police force for the nation’s capitol is now allowing so-called “green card” holders to become police officers.

Previously, only U.S. citizens were eligible to become officers with the Metropolitan Police Department, according to WTOP News.

People in the U.S. who have green cards are non-citizens, known as lawful permanent residents holders, who are lawfully authorized to live permanently within country.“

The criteria was updated in the city’s Comprehensive Policing and Justice Reform Act of 2022, which took effect in April.

As an agency, we truly believe that a workforce that represents our community brings a variety of ideas, experiences, and perspectives. Together, this blend drives innovation and growth,” said interim Chief of Police Ashan Benedict. 

“This step marks a significant milestone in our journey, as we look forward to welcoming a more diverse pool of applicants.”

However, the change also comes amid an MPD staffing shortage. 

The department said in February it was nearing a record low of 3,400 officers, WTOP News also reports.

The goal for the D.C. government and police department is to reach 4,200 officers in the next 10 years.

The city announced a $25,000 signing bonus in April to attract new officers.

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9 thoughts on “Some foreigners can now serve on US Capitol Police force”

  1. The sole reason to have FED police in cities and foreigners will have have no love for Americans… tyranny and marxism have arrived.
    That’s what happens with stolen elections!

  2. wonder what their wages are, and their rights according to labour regulations. is their command of English proficient, do they have enough, if any, legal knowledge? there are so many practical arguments against this, even besides the slight matter of proper vetting and background checks.
    transparency please!!

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