Trump’s Ga. indictment divides voters, but majority suspect 2020 election fraud

Democrats strongly approve the charges against former President Donald Trump in Georgia, but a majority of voters still suspect cheating stole the election in 2020.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

The survey finds that 55% of likely voters say they approve of Georgia bringing criminal charges against Trump and his aides, including 40% who say they “strongly approve.”

Forty-two percent (42%) say they disapprove, including 35% who say they “strongly disapprove.”

A grand jury in Fulton County last week indicted Trump and several of his aides on charges of illegally interfering with Georgia’s election in 2020.

Eighty-nine percent (89%) of Democrats say they approve of the Georgia charges, but 71% of Republicans say they disapprove.

Voters unaffiliated with either major party are divided, with 45% saying they approve and 48% saying they disapprove of the Georgia indictment.

Fifty-one percent (51%) of all likely voters say they believe it’s likely that cheating by corrupt public officials prevented Trump from winning the Georgia election in 2020, including 31% who say they think it’s “very likely.”

Forty-one percent (41%) say it’s not likely Trump was cheated in Georgia, including 28% who say they believe it’s “not at all likely.”

To see survey question wording, click here.

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9 thoughts on “Trump’s Ga. indictment divides voters, but majority suspect 2020 election fraud”

  1. Thomas Joseph Hussman, Retired Sergeant MPD

    The so called “Legal System” is supposed to identify criminal behavior to include election related crimes, and prosecute the guilty. The system is supposed to have checks and balances. The police are supposed to investigate criminal behavior and process cases through a prosecutor. Not so many years ago a Fraud Scheme known as “Technimar” happened. The primary suspects in the criminal case were Minneapolis Minnesota Police Officers who used Minneapolis Police Pension Money where around Twenty Million dollars disappeared. $20,000,000.00. The money has never been located. The FBI treated the case like a hot potato. An election was held involving the Police Union. Observers saw police officer counters changing the ballots which changed the election outcome.. If the police cannot hold a legitimate election – who can ?

  2. The division is far more insidious than the corporate duopoly would have us believe. I have heard people who were ‘never-Trumpers’ say that even if the election was rigged, at least ‘they’ kept Trump out of the White House. What is truly divisive is the lame-stream media. The Pharmedia and its cohorts lied about the pLandemic, vaxx safety and efficacy, and the J6 insurrection. The fact that media minions working for the well-funded corporate news hub smear credible people such as RFK, jr speaks volumes. Time to pull the plug on the fake news programs. We’ve had enough of their programming!

  3. Our election process is not trusted by the citizens. The natural reaction to this would be to sure up confidence in this essential institution. That democrats have no interest in increasing the confidence of the electorate indicates to me that they don’t want their “advantages” to be exposed. Only the democrats, moving to provide assurances, will serve to dissipate this growing conflict among citizenry (and others who may be voting.

  4. So a majority (55%) believe it’s ok to bring charges against President Trump for expressing his constitutional right to free speech on a topic that a majority (51%) agree with him. Wow! We have entered the twilight zone.

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