(READ) Court smacks down FDA’s ivermectin warnings: ‘FDA is not a doctor’

An appeals court has replied to the FDA’s 2021 warnings about using ivermectin to treat Covid, “You are not a horse.”

“FDA is not a doctor,” writes the court. Later in the court decision, four appellate judges write, “FDA is not a physician. It has authority to inform, announce, and apprise—but not to endorse, denounce, or advise. The Doctors have plausibly alleged that FDA’s Posts fell on the wrong side of the line between telling about and telling to.” 

FDA is not a physician. It has authority to inform, announce, and apprise—but not to endorse, denounce, or advise. The Doctors have plausibly alleged that FDA’s Posts fell on the wrong side of the line between telling about and telling to

Fifth Circuit Court Decision

The court decision is a major victory for Dr. Mary Tally Bowden and two others who sued the FDA; FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf; and its parent agency, HHS. The plaintiffs argued that the FDA overstepped its authority in warding people away from a drug that they say had proven to work for Covid.

Bowden says the FDA propaganda about ivermectin interfered with her ability to help patients, and destroyed her reputation. The FDA’s smear of ivermectin was heavily used against medical professionals who chose to prescribe ivermectin, was widely circulated uncritically on social media and on the news, and was cited by medical boards and court filings against prescribing physicians.

In a series of now-infamous tweets, FDA implied ivermectin was dangerous, and that it was intended only for horses and other animals. The appellate judges noted that FDA failed to acknowledge that a safe and effective human form of the medicine has been in use for decades.

On the heels of the government and other vaccine industry interests attacking ivermectin, WalMart and many other pharmacies refused to fill legal prescriptions for the drug and, instead, heavily promoted the experimental vaccines that turned out to be ineffective at preventing Covid infection or transmission.

A number of cases stemming from government actions during the height of the Covid pandemic are now working their way through court. Decisions in these cases may serve as precedents if and when CDC, FDA and other public health officials and medical interests attempt a repeat of broad, restrictive measures that were frequently accompanied by false information.

On Full Measure, we reported on a couple who said they were very ill and desperate, and felt compelled to use the horse version of ivermectin when their local pharmacies wouldn’t fill prescriptions for human version. They say they believe ivermectin was crucial in helping them get better. Watch that report here.

The government and vaccine industry interests gave much the same treatment to another inexpensive drug, hydroychloroquine, after President Trump said it should be tried. Watch that report here.

Read the ivermectin court decision or download it below.

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25 thoughts on “(READ) Court smacks down FDA’s ivermectin warnings: ‘FDA is not a doctor’”

  1. COVID is a man made infection designed by a laboratory in Wuhan,China and induced by China with the Blessings of and underwritten by the World Health Organization. They are trying to rule the World and turn it “WOKE” thus destroying the USA and Conservative influence in the World. WAKE UP CONSERVATIVES !

    1. You forgot the part th at it was the DoD thru Ecohealth who actually funded Wuhan studies. It was our own government collaborating with Chinese Commies. Isn’t that special.

  2. There is no telling how many lives were needlessly lost by the FDA’s intentional restriction of prescription and use of Ivermectin, to say nothing of the injuries damages done to doctors who prescibed Ivermectin and/or advocated for its use.

    In a just society, there would be murder investigations and, at the very least, a few manslaughter convictions of public health officials — including and especially Anthony Fauci — who knew or should have known that Ivermectin was and is both safe and effective for treatment regarding COVID.

    1. What about the pharmacist that would not fill the doctor prescribed ivermectine. They are not doctors either. They should be sued.

      1. Major Kong,

        Right !


        Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

        Re : HATRED is a moral, constitutional R I G H T

        I hate moronic CONSERVATIVES
        ( witnessed 60-plus years of it ! ).

        Conservatives ( Conservatism ) always
        FAIL in the Culture Wars, because they
        lack attention to the Words-Mean-Things
        warning; e.g., this below WEASEL-like
        paragraph, in which the FULL brunt of
        what the Medical Mafia had done ( and
        is continuing to do now !, ramping up the
        Covid-Hoax ads in every TV broadcast ) :

        — FDA / HHS / CDC Mass Murdered Uninformed Citizens —

        Replace “INTERFERED,” below—rewriting
        its follow-up words, thusly ( rewritten
        below this paragraph, excerpted from the
        above article ).

        ”Bowden says the FDA propaganda about ivermectin INTERFERED ( my emphasis ) with her ability TO HELP PATIENTS ( my emphasis ), and destroyed her reputation . . . The appellate judges noted that FDA failed to acknowledge that a safe and effective HUMAN FORM ( my emphasis ) of the medicine has been in use for DECADES ( my emphasis ).”

        Write :

        “ Interfered with treatment of her patients
        and KNOWINGLY MURDERED people. “

        This scribbler HATES moronic conservatives.



        Another language

        failure of

        Conservatives :

        Forwarded Message :

        — ( AAA,AAA ) AAAA Babycide(s)—not ‘abortion’ : —

        Dear Dr. Naomi Wolf,

        Conservatism :

        Simply stop saying/writing
        Libertine Leftists’ term,
        “abortion”—SAY / Write my
        term :

        B A B Y C I D E (S).

        And use my more accurate
        expression :

        “DE-Productive Deathcare”
        to describe De-Planned
        Parenthood’s operations.


        1. The lack of sensationalistic language to get people to pay attention is a problem. There needs to be a more accurate descriptor for the current crop of marxist, socialist and communist tyrant billionaires who want to depopulate the world. Those descriptions have been used and misused so much as to be meaningless. Any ideas?

    2. I hear you William, but I am sure, beyond even the most unreasonable doubt, that the FDA–and therefore any functionary acting on behalf of the FDA–is shielded from any prosecution for such acts. This is why this behavior is: a) so common; and, b) likely to continue, despite this ruling. To be very clear, the issue is NOT if IVM is a “safe and effective” treatment for Covid. (There are multiple people, even on the side of those preaching against the mRNA vaccines, who disagree on the effectiveness of IVM.) The issue is that the FDA in particular, and pharmacists in general, should not be denying access to off-label use of a decades-old medicine. Period. To put a fine point on this, if I wanted to go to my local pharmacy with the plan to use Preparation H to treat my covid, that’s my business, not the FDA’s or my pharmacist’s. The fact that mRNA manufacturers, such as Pfizer, directly benefited from this behavior is the most disgusting part. Again, no penalties will be forthcoming. We have been used and abused and have no path for retribution or recovery. George Orwell is on line one. He wants his 1984 back.

  3. I tried referencing this important information and posting a link to the court ruling cited above in a comment posted at Jonathan Turley’s website, and it was BLOCKED.
    The USA is now one big censorship complex, and it includes lying frauds such as Jonathan Turley, who bills himself as a “free speech advocate.”

    1. I find that most implausible since he is one of our most ardent defenders of our first amendment rights. Email him directly and question whether this was a bot block or intentional, if so why.

      1. Turley is not MAGA. You don’t see Turley discrediting these rediculous lawsuits that attack free speech! Nor do you see Turley standing up for the J6ers in jail for years without bail without any hope of a fair trial and now bankrupted for doing a LOT less then AntiFa & BLM that did MUCH worse! Turley gets paid hugh dollars for his Fox appearances to say the not so Right things… don’t be fooled!

      2. I posted a complaint about it, and Turley’s webmaster replied in the comment section, claiming that it was the web service, not Turley or his webmaster, that blocked my comment. But then he added that he COULD restore my comment, but decided not to because my reply to that nonsense was rude.
        So they blocked my comment for no good reason and then decided that my complaining about it was rude.
        There’s a LOT going on with Turley that people are apparently unaware of, and it goes beyond his being an ardent anti-Trumper.

    1. As regards masks, the field of Industrial Hygiene has established protocols for personal protective equipment (PPE) to stop or mitigate exposure to aerosolized pathogens. Masks are not enough – your ears, eyes, and skin are pathways of infection. The masks were were forced to use were never appropriate for the alleged threat we faced with whatever “COVID-19” was. Stephen Petty, Certified Industrial Hygienist is a great source of clear information on the issue.

      1. Also, concerning the effectiveness of masks vs CV-19, the Cochrane metastudy on masking recently published blows away any claims that masks are effective. It also mentions serious side effects of masking concerning secondary infections, developmental delays in children, etc.

        1. John Thomas,

          I had posted this in February
          of 2021, on Sharyl’s page :


          SHARYL, what is VERY wrong with
          this sentence, re “Words Mean Things” ? :

          “ As for the wildly incorrect projections by health officials, Bhattacharya says, ‘The policy implications were enormous and they created a panic I think, when Fauci and the World Health Organization sort of push those numbers out, which was a big mistake.’ ”

          It is this :

          From BEGINNING to END, the
          “policy implications” were not “a
          big mistake,” but a Shadow Cabal
          machination!; for grabbing POWER
          and CONTROL of the whole world !

          As for how stupid the last two gen-
          erations of public school graduates
          ARE, taught to SING and DANCE
          and become ARTISTS and MUSI-
          about everything in themselves, and
          in the lives around them )), but not to
          THINK Logically—to conclude that :

          1. Masks are useless!, because a
          micron-sized virus is akin to
          throwing sand through a chain-
          linked-fence-type “MASK.”

          2. Distancing, socially, is akin to
          believing all AIR/WIND has
          stopped CIRCULATING.

          3. Or . . . that that Felon-In-Wait-,
          ing, Crowds-Too-Small-To-Let-
          Out-Of-The-Basement BIDEN
          had trounced Crowds-Too-Big-
          To-Manage President TRUMP ?

          4. Or . . . that that Soros-STAGED
          [J6] “riot” wasn’t elaborate theatre!,
          or that that assassination of a
          FEMALE wasn’t a POWERFUL
          indication/message of just how
          serious Bolshevik GLOBALISTS
          are, to guard their plans for OUR
          enslavement to Global Economic
          Socialism (( my term, hatched in
          the 1980s!—to warn against the
          Oligarchy at work THEN!—Beck!,
          and Rush! and Hannity! and all
          rest of today’s so-called “conser-
          vative thinkers,” suddenly airing
          that WARNING today )).

          The psychological impact of MIS-
          EDUCATING two generations of
          kids is terrifying!, as focusing on
          GROWING/Training the right-
          hemisphere’s seductions of EMO-
          TIONALITY had opened the gate-
          way to the REPTILIAN/“OLD”/EVIL
          brain’s APPETITES of :






          (( aka: D R A M A T I Z I N G life ! ! ! )).

          Or, to put it a better way,
          to describe far better the
          entertainment industries
          of today’s Hollywood
          (( and “Music” and Books
          and Porn and Feminism and . . . )) :







          —Ad-Nauseum !

          No GRACE and no VIRTUE, today !
          —making of them UTOPI-PSYCOs
          or, said another way, BRAIN-Blind
          Nuts!—blind to HISTORY, to Current
          Events, and to the LOGICAL steps
          towards learning about how those
          PAST EVENTS relate to CURRENT
          EVENTS; and how those algorithmic
          steps (( left-LOGICAL-Hemisphere! ))
          are protective for SELF and SOCIETY
          —can PREDICT future BAD outcomes,
          such as passing through all grades kids
          not being able to READ, to WRITE, and
          to do simple MATH, then they’re handed
          a Graduation Certificate and, then, an
          AFFIRMATIVE-Racism or AFFIRMA-
          TIVE-Sexism job in a major corporation!,
          where the more-well-educated are
          FORCED to cover for HIM / HER—as
          “Social Justice Warriors,” keeping THEM
          hidden from ANY honest accountability!,
          and as the highest High-Culture Civiliza-
          tion in history collapses into the dustbin
          of human histories )).

          Finis ? !—for this once-MERITOCRATIC
          republic ? !



  4. This article and diseases ?. Sharyl show this to CDC for people living near the ocean and some other highly used infected water ways = Vibrio Vulnificus Bacteria !..Prevention= New Formula protection in these water area’s is for the creation of a New Microbial Antibacterial Sun screen lotion to better protect the skin area’s from this Bacteria ( The rest of country just needs regular sun screen lotions ).. It’s not my job to show you the new formulated lotion….You can figure it out for yourself ?

  5. Why did it take so long for the case getting to the Fifth Court?
    What is the purpose of the oversight employees? Is the Inspector General of HHS limited in “oversight”?

    The Federal Government Agencies have too much power.
    When the legislative bodies ignore political power plays, we all suffer.

  6. We are not rats or mice either; but the majority of products are tested on these animals because of the similar physical reactions. Sheesh. The lying is just getting out of hand.

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