White House Censorship; Tiny Houses for Teachers; Woke, Inc (Second Thoughts)

Never before in American history have federal courts ruled that the White House violated the constitutional rights of Americans with censorship.

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll have a fascinating interview with one of the drivers behind the landmark lawsuit that prompted this historic finding.

The lawsuit was filed by Missouri and Louisiana over the Biden administration’s unconstitutional censorship and collusion with social media companies, and suppression of information online, including true information about Covid and vaccine safety issues.

Also on Full Measure, there’s a national shortage of good teachers. Schools districts are struggling everywhere, and so some cities and countries are coming up with unusual incentives to attract and keep the best.

Scott Thuman tells us about a big, new idea to recruit teachers by building them tiny houses.

I’ll have a fascinating interview with a man who was part of the original movement to get corporations involved in political and social issues. Now, he says he’s sorry he helped create a monster: Woke, Inc.

And an update on our coverage of San Francisco’s beleaguered Tenderloin District, home to open air drug dealing and use that’s tolerated by all the authorities.

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2 thoughts on “White House Censorship; Tiny Houses for Teachers; Woke, Inc (Second Thoughts)”

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