‘Protocol 7’ and the Alleged Mumps Vaccine Fraud

Filmmaker Dr. Andy Wakefield on his new film, “Protocol 7,” and the story of two Merck whistleblowers and their allegations of fraud regarding the mumps vaccine in MMR shots most Americans children get.

For more information and to see the trailer: ⁠https://protocol7.movie.⁠

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3 thoughts on “‘Protocol 7’ and the Alleged Mumps Vaccine Fraud”

  1. I’m stunned. I worked for Merck Vaccine Division for 7 years, and knew Dr. Maurice Hilleman very well. He helped create the Merck vaccine by taking a blood sample from his daughter, Jerilyn, who was sick with mumps at the time. (hence the name “Jerilyn strain” of virus used for the vaccine.) During the time I was there, I associated with scientists and researchers who I considered honest, dedicated, and truthful. Above reproach. Wow. Dr Hilleman died years ago and I have to believe after decades of discovering and developing very good drugs, it morphed under leadership by non-scientists into a profit-first entity. A once-great company gone wrong. I do believe it’s gone wrong after I waited for years — during the assault on ivermectin by one and all — and yet never once did Merck set the record straight nor defend ivermectin as the life-saving drug it is, they never explained its use, nor highlighted the fact that Merck has been giving away millions of doses of ivermectin (Mectizan) per year —at no cost ! — to people in subsaharan Africa. With no ill effects. Or deaths. Where was Merck’s voice during Covid? And if it’s so cheap to produce — and it is!!!!!!! — why are people in the us now paying hundreds of dollars per month for this drug?


    it is all about the money. Ivermectin cost indeed nothing before the scamdemic. The version my dog is taking, was ordered in Ukraine and cost close to nothing. I am curious what it will be when I am out of… if the animal version has multiplied in price, too.
    After hearing that Merck first did not react to the blasphemy on its product, and then even agreed that it did not help, my suspicions, already high, turned in very large red flags about the whole scam. Because a scam it was. Thanks to Sharyl and a few Substackers I did not go nuts, seeing the whole world ‘s madness!

  3. If you tell me that vaccines are a scam, I will ask you, “It is Tuesday already?” The one good thing–if there is one good thing–to come out of the Great Covid Debacle, is people waking up to the scameriffic nature of vaccination. It has been a cash cow, in some cases, the ONLY cash cow for Big Pharma, for years. Given all the politicians that type of loot will buy, little surprise politicians, up-to-and-including POTUS, push vaccines so hard.

    On the plus side, at least Bill Gates is happy! #Sarcasm

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