(POLL) Govt. corruption is #1 election issue in 2024

Forty-eight percent (48%) say government corruption in the U.S. is their top election issue for 2024.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 768 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

Individual freedoms and rights are the top election issue for 28%, while 16% say economic concerns are most important to them.

Six percent (6%) say other domestic issues take top billing for 2024.

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

My top issue in 2024 election is: ___________.

16% Economy

< 1% China

1% Other foreign issues

28% Freedom and rights

48% Govt. corruption

6% Other domestic issues

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13 thoughts on “(POLL) Govt. corruption is #1 election issue in 2024”

  1. The thing is we are not voting our way out of this. We didn’t just magically wake up living in China when Xiden took office. Trump put all those pieces in place. He signed an expanded NDAA in Nov 2017, giving the IAs greater surveillance powers and ability to share data with other agencies and outside contractors. He signed CISA into existence in 2018 in a stand-alone bill, formalizing the censorship complex in advance of the scamdemic (the fact that it was a stand-alone bill and there was no political pressure to sign it proves who he serves and it’s not us!). He got rid of Epstein in 2019, forever protecting himself and his partners in crime. He unleashed the scamdemic in 2020 and printed $7 trillion for Wall St while poisoning the populace. His newly created CISA agency oversaw the censorship of both the dangers of the vax and Hunter’s laptop. On his way out the door, Trump reversed his ban on lobbying, pardoned a long list of deep state trash, and most egregiously, had his base deemed terrorists by setting them up with the J6 op. Finally, the CISA agency Trump signed into existence issued a report that validated the 2020 hand-off to Xiden by stating it was “the most secure election in history”.

    And yes, the 2020 election was a hand-off, not a steal. What proves it? That the agency Trump signed into existence validated the results. That clearly makes it a hand-off. And due to the J6 op, we will not be able to rightly (and constitutionally) protest anything going forward. It was 100% intended and planned well in advance, same as the scamdemic.

    Watch Trump read his talking points off the teleprompter at his rallies. You can see there’s zero sincerity. He did absolutely nothing that he promised and that he now says he’ll do if re-elected. As my summary of HIS ACTIONS above shows, his words never meant anything. He literally mocks his base every time he opens his mouth.

    1. Trump accomplished more than any other president in history with less cooperation and more illegal resistence from the Deep State. than ever before. He created the lowest unemployment rate for blacks and hispanics in history and the lowest poverty rate ever. He made us energy independent and made the US #1 in the world in oil and gas production and set record highs in renewables. He brought supply chains home from overseas and created record highs in S&P 500 and NASDAQ. He gave us $3.2 billion in tax cuts, lowered investment costs and regulatory burdens and increased capital returns. He renegotiated the unfair Trade Agreement and put tariffs on China and other unfair trade partners. He stopped Catch and Release and secured our border like no other president with 87% less illegal crossings and remain in Mexico for asylum processing, He replenished the Strategic National Stockpile and stregthened the military. He provided a COVID vaccine in record time and provided the $2.3 billion CARES Act for relief. He lowered drug prices and eliminated Obamacare taxes and the individual mandate. He appointed a record number of federal judges and 3 conservative (real conservative) Supreme Court Justices who will interpret the Constitution rather than dictate control by tyrannical fiat. He got a peace deal between Israel and the Arabs and had Jerusalem made the capital of Israel. He cut off the Venuzuelan dictator and stopped his narcoterrorism. He cancelled the awful Cuban and Iranian deals and destroyed ISIS. He got European NATO allies to pay up for their defense. He did not start a war. That is a uniquely big deal. But he did tell our enemy that he would turn him into a greasy spot on the desert sands if they killed an American soldier. Then sent them a photograph of the rathole they were hiding in. The Hildebeast or Bribery Biden would use a different approach. They would say, “pay me the bribe for protection.” Trump made the U.S. #1 in the world in reducing carbon emissions, He designated a record 1.3 million acres for public lands. He protected religious liberty, shut down CRT teaching, expanded school choice and provided $1.3 billion for historically back colleges. He got the 21st Century Act to promote vocational education and initiated the First Step program to return former convicts to productive members of our society. And his #1 accomplishment was to trigger the visceral, irrational hatred from looney leftie communists like you.

      1. I recommend you review objective documentation – what Trump actually signed, rather than talking points. Most of the stuff you noted never happened, except in rally talking points. Also, I voted for Trump twice and literally no one hates leftists more than me. And Trump is a leftist. His actions were the exact opposite of his words and always have been. The truth is there in the documentation of what he actually signed while in office. Start with CISA. That alone PROVES he was controlled op because there was simply no other possible reason for him to create an agency tasked with administering China-tier censorship. Again, he signed that in a stand-alone bill with zero political pressure. His token gestures that were beneficial to our nation were ALL reversed on day one of the Xiden admin. How convenient!

  2. Gee, Ya think? Our government has been corrupt for decades, it is all just coming out now because the WWW is the vehicle that puts every government criminal act out for public display and purusal. When it gets bad enough the guns will come out and all hell will break loose as the citizens take out all the criminals the local phony George Soros installed DAs refuse to prosecute.

    1. Forearmed AND Sharyl AND Full Measure Team,

      Speaking of statistics, Sharyl :

      “ . . . But there’s nothing new and nothing funny about
      the totalitarian impulse on the Left. Last January a
      Rasmussen survey indicated that one-third of Democrats
      thought children should be removed from the homes of
      unvaccinated parents (despite the very low rate of COVID
      infections and mortality in children) and a whopping 50%
      of them wanted to imprison the unvaccinated. “

      Above paragraph found here :

      Now, Sharyl, please consider
      Rabbi Lapin’s opinion of the
      number of U.S. Jews being
      LEFT-wing in their politics, as
      he had estimated in the late
      1980s :

      “ . . . only 8% to 10% is con-
      servative . . . ,” which leaves
      the majority of U.S. Jews in
      the camp of M A R X I A N
      Leftism, and which Marxian
      camp is oppositional to the

      The Deep State is run by /
      comprised of . . . ?

      And White Christian men
      are PROXY combatants in
      the Middle East for . . . ?

      And the ROOT Cause of
      America’s cultural/financial
      decline is . . . ?

      And Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly,
      and Sean Hannity are a Village
      Idiot-Spokespersons for
      advancement of . . . wait for it
      . . . wait for it . . . Marxism ?



      Read/study my report about
      Jews’ NYC newspaper, “Forward”
      ( 1997 ).


      Interloper “President” Joe Biden
      was (s)elected by . . . ? And our
      borders are overrun by Anti-White
      migrants !—by invitation of . . . ? :

  3. Catherine Austin Fitts made a very disturbing observation that most US taxpayers are not willing to acknowledge: WE HAVE NO SOVEREIGN GOVERNMENT. In order to restore the American Republic we have to remain unflinching in order to rigorously assess the roots of dysfunction and corruption in the DC principality. If we fail to assess our genuine history lessons from 1871 until now we will allow China and the WEF to rule America as a failed experiment…and the New World Order program will become the governance model for the entire Western realm.

    1. Riki Tiki Tavi,

      Blame Bavarian-hatched Illuminati
      and Banking House of Rothschild :

      Forwarded Message :

      [[ Speaking of history, Chris and Dana Loesch : ]]

      — Ancient Palestine Land Bought by Baron Rothschild—for Jews : —

      “ From: The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany (Vol 29)
      Dec 1829, pg 759—Baron Rothschild has engaged to fur-
      nish to the Turkish Sultan the enormous sum of 35,000,000
      piastres, on condition of the Sultan’s engaging, for himself
      and his successors, to yield to Baron Rothschild for ever the
      the sovereignty of Jerusalem, and the territory of ancient
      Palestine, which was occupied by the 12 tribes. The Baron’s
      intention is, to grant to the rich Israelites who are scattered
      about in different parts of the world, portions of that fine
      country, where he proposes to establish seigniories, and to
      give them, as far as possible, their ancient and sacred laws.
      —letter from Smyrna. “

      That one act caused
      how much human
      misery and loss of
      life—over many
      decades; and how
      many more decades ?


  4. The Dems and MSM will cheat again. They will cheat as much as they have to. Trump is an outsider that only cares about America. He is not part of Dems, MSM, RINOS, Social Media and many large corporations. They cannot tolerate the fact that Trump did what he said he would do even with all the obstacles they presented.

    If you love America (regardless of party you follow), in 2024 let’s help Trump restore America again! We cannot survive with open borders. defunding the police, DAs letting criminals off, parents not having responsibility for their kids, and many more.

    1. Sam,

      Have you read DLC’s report,
      above—re Mr. Trump’s pur-
      ported follies ?

      How about a point-by-point
      rebuttal by you.

      Or, possibly, Mr. Trump can
      do it, as he read’s Sharyl’s
      work—and would clarify all
      of it for us.


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