After Hours: The Surprising Truth About Post-Castro Cuba (Podcast)

Sharyl travels to Cuba to see the post-Castro version of the communist island and get their side of the story on the US embargo and their rumored close ties to China. Carlos Fernando de Cossio makes a plea for a new relationship.

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4 thoughts on “After Hours: The Surprising Truth About Post-Castro Cuba (Podcast)”

  1. Milton Sanchez-Parodi

    Dear Sheryl:

    Thank you for your podcast interview on Cuba. There is otherwise a great deal of media disinformation and misinformation regarding the island. Maybe if the US taxpayers stop funding by millions of dollars a year the Office of Cuban Broadcasting and other millions of dollars yearly to fund “Cuban Democracy” via USAID both agencies interfere with Cuban sovereignty as well as misinform the American people.

    US policy is best noted in Mallory’s Memorandum of April 06, 1960 to his boss Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs Rubottom, the critical part “every possible means should be undertaken promptly to weaken the economic life of Cuba.” That policy still continues after 60+ years.

    It is time for the US to follow a “good neighbor policy” with Cuba, stop misinformation on so called “human rights”, remove Cuba from the “countries who support terrorism”. As you must well know Cuba is the country which has been the victim of terrorism form groups in the US.

    Thank you again for your podcast.


    1. Milton Sanchez-Parodi,

      Culture generally follows – is expressed by – genetic proclivities
      —in any genetic cohort ( gene pool ) of folks.

      Compare Japanese communities against West Africa’s
      communities—as the STARK differences aren’t about upbringing/
      education, but germ-line breeding, over thousands of years.

      Cubans are conflicted about Castro’s communism because of
      inherent, disparate, genetic proclivities.

      The world is suffering dysgenics for lack of good care in mate-
      selection for breeding (( No, Nazis hadn’t hatched that idea—but
      has been intuited and known from animal husbandry for millennia,
      from breeding farm animals, and from choosing plant seeds from
      the best/hardiest plants for propagation )).

      An underlying tenet of Universal Communism is Forced Race
      Integration ( FRI ) via Global M O N G R E L I S M—as, in order for
      that PSYCHOTIC/Impossible (Dys)Utopia to be realized, all of us
      must down-breed to the LOWEST common denominator among
      all races.

      Why ?—because the high achiever can be made LOW, but the
      low have not the genetic wherewithal (( I.Q. and R.Q.—and
      physicality )) to rise up to HIGH-I.Q./R.Q. students’ standards.

      T H A T ‘ S
      WHY public schools discourage high-achievers and CHEAT to
      make low-performers to appear better than they are . . . why
      cursive is not taught; why phonetic instruction in reading is
      opposed; why math/science curricula are dumbed down; why
      WHITE kids are FALSLEY accused of starting fights . . . to be
      “ F A I R “ to black and Hispanic students’ MUCH higher
      penchant for acting-up/fighting (( temperament can be tracked
      among different races—that the Libertine Liberal ProgComs
      ( communists—my term ) deny that 5 RACES actually do exist
      notwithstanding )); and why black and Hispanic students can
      graduate from high school – with diploma in hand ! – without an
      ability to read above 8th-grade level, and fail at simple math.

      American businessmen want open borders because AFFIRMA-
      TIVE-Racism /—Sexism badly impacts their bottom-line profit-

      FRI is humanity’s most deadly kind of Social(ist) Engineering.

      That’s Libertine Leftism’s Emoting Feminine Mind at work
      (( read/study my psychology reports: :
      “The Donahue Syndrome,”
      “My Organic Psychology,”
      “Shadow Government’s Bolshevik Psychopoliticians”
      —from among other iterations.


      1. P.S.
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  2. The net says “The embargo, decreed in 1960 as a response to the nationalization of US properties, is still in place.” That was theft & restitution is needed 1st.

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