Lawsuit for Covid vaccine injuries may fuel federal overhaul, litigation

The following is from Bloomberg Law.

A lawsuit by Covid-19 vaccine recipients claiming they were injured by their shots may usher in long-awaited changes to how the federal government handles immunization injuries.

Individuals frustrated by the HHS program designed to compensate them for their injuries are taking their grievances to court.

In a lawsuit lodged with the US District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, they say the program is unconstitutional, depriving them of their rights to due process and a jury trial.

Lawyers say the move could spur Congress and the Department of Health and Human Services to reform how they handle vaccine injuries, as well as push more of the individuals alleging injuries to not just sue the government, but the drugmakers that the program is meant to shield from litigation.

“‘This is the first domino to fall,” said David Carney, a Green & Schafle LLC attorney representing people injured by vaccines. “We’re going to start to see a windfall.”

For years, attorneys and activists representing Americans injured by routine vaccinations have been pushing lawmakers to reform how the HHS reviews requests for compensation.

They say that the process, dubbed the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, is in desperate need for more special masters to review the backlog of nearly 4,000 injury claims

Congress, they add, needs to expedite the process for adding new vaccines to the program, though lawmakers have yet to pull the trigger on legislation that’s been several years in the works.

Covid vaccine injuries are not among those currently under the VICP. Those are filed with the HHS’ Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program. 

Created in 2010 to pay out damages for people injured in sudden health crises like Ebola and the Anthrax scare, critics say the CICP program is slow moving, opaque, and poorly equipped for handling the nearly 11,000 claims alleging Covid-related injuries awaiting or in review as of Oct. 1.

And with a little more than 1,000 decisions reached, vaccine attorneys don’t expect the others to be resolved any time soon.

Vaccine law experts say the path forward is reforming the VICP and bringing Covid-19 immunization injuries under its umbrella.

But doing so takes both the HHS and Congress, and attorneys say efforts from both appear lagging. (Continued…)

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4 thoughts on “Lawsuit for Covid vaccine injuries may fuel federal overhaul, litigation”

  1. Bankrupting the Pharmafia would be a good thing for everyone, except for a profound detail: people would need to become proactive/responsible for managing their own health. This also means that Banks must be challenged as well. As long as Bill Gates($$$) and his allies can control our collective food or water sources we will still get the same unhealthy food and nutrition options as we did under Rockefeller’s petrochemical empire. Glyphosate and GMOs are responsible for people’s ill health, and yet the FDA allows our foods to contain all manner of unhealthy additives and synthetic lab ingredients. People must stop buying the foods that are contributing to diabetes and obesity as well; and yet–the ignorance (due to lack of education and knowledge about nutrition) that is contributing to people’s ill health is still one of the biggest hurdles we face as a society. The vaccine push was always about the money and control of the population, the tragic after-effects were never as important as the profit schedule. When at war with an Oligarchy that has little regard for the useless eaters, Lawfare is one of the few options We the People have as a defense.

    1. Riki Tiki Tavi,

      Very creative : “Parmafia” !

      Lack of creativity in language is,
      partly, why C O N S E R V A T I V E S
      lose the culture WARS to the ANTIFA-
      COMS ( communists )—my bit of cre-
      ativity in language.

      I’ve about 70 terms, hatched by the
      LIBERTINE/Liberal LEFT, over
      60 years, which defeat the Logical
      Right—DEFEATED by Utopi-Pychotic,
      BRAINDead, EMOTION-Driven, Marxian



      I created this one, after
      learning what “physician”
      has come to mean, re
      his drive for PROFITS
      over health—in patients :

      Medical Mafia.

  2. Fourteen BILLION “shots” have been administered. “11,000” lawsuits must mean the odds of “side effects” are one in 1,272,727. The current “VAERS” reports number 41,473 – making the odds one in 335,385. Corrected for the likelihood that “reporters” lied, the odds are one in 86,956,521. If you’re wiling to risk contracting COVID on that kind of odds, all I can believe of you it that you are enslaved to a political, ideological, or religious form of dementia. You sure as Hell aren’t “free.”

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