(POLL) 45% give Biden ‘poor’ job rating for China relations

After President Joe Biden’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, a plurality of voters still rate Biden as doing a poor job dealing with China.

That’s according to the latest Rasmussen Reports.

The survey found that 35% of likely U.S. voters give Biden a good or excellent rating for his handling of issues related to China, while 45% rate the president as doing a poor job.

These findings are only slightly changed from June, when 48% gave the president a poor rating for his handling of China. 

Biden and Xi met last Wednesday in San Francisco and announced an agreement to resume military communications, as well as to reduce the production of fentanyl in China. 

While 59% of Democrats rate Biden as doing a good or excellent job of handling China, that opinion is shared by only 18% of Republicans and 27% of voters not affiliated with either major party. 

To see survey question wording, click here.

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3 thoughts on “(POLL) 45% give Biden ‘poor’ job rating for China relations”

  1. This Article and mystery Mathematics ? If you walked into a 23 story skyscraper and noticed the Elevator Button choices had 23 illuminated Buttons but was missing the number 13, could Relativity gravity be mathematical really be changing as you passed the 12 Floor ? Or is it all just because the skyscraper your heading to the top on, just really be a 22 story building with poor math skills applied, with Norah O. in the background filing her fingernails with two raised eyebrows on the CBS nightly news ?? “Nobody knows but the Shadow ? ( Tip? Have the skyscrapers Maintenance man watch more Sesame Street Video’s on PBS to correct problems ??? ) ” Oscar the Grouch ?

    1. Bill Andrews,

      . . . and the “mystery mathematics”
      regarding the Color of Crime :

      One from among all of Marxists’ /
      Communists’ / IRRATIONALISTS’
      ideas :

      ### “Judge a man not
      ### by the color of his skin,
      ### but the content of his
      ### character.”

      So, say, EIGHT M E N
      who pass by you – one
      man every few days, over
      a month – punch you in
      the face—and you notice
      they’re all WHITE men
      (( see “The knock-Out
      Game,” and see
      — Slate Magazine’s —
      E V I L / F I L T H Y claim :
      that that game is an
      “Urban Myth,” started by
      RIGHT-Wingers; read/
      study the horrendous,
      stunning, gut-wrenching
      book/RECORD of those
      hospitalized victims, who
      had suffered horribly :
      “White Girl Bleed a Lot,”
      by Colon Flaherty, which
      book had been released
      after the printer/publisher
      had filled it with distrac-
      ting typos—one
      can barely get through it )).

      Then, two more men
      approach you, who are
      black, and you REFLEXIVELY
      FLENCH when each one
      passes by—to which
      reaction by you, an ACLU
      Libertine FEMINIST
      charges you with RACISM.
      for being too prejudice,

      Do the math . . .

      Go figure !


      1. Sharyl, an aside :

        What turmoil fills your life
        —relationship difficulties?,
        spiritual ones ?, daughter’s
        pending challenges ?

        Does anyone advise you
        about your Moon Cycle
        issues—with clothes ?

        Several shows ago (( I
        don’t watch you, but
        occasionally see you
        on Sunday while flip-
        ping channels )), your
        2nd or 3rd camera-
        person LIKED your
        white skirt, with legs
        stretched out before
        you and that male inter-
        viewee, both of whom
        took notice . . . as
        had I ! ! ! . . . and of
        you were wearing.

        – not appropriate posture –

        Well, recall my post
        about my having to
        be careful to corral
        my wife, during her
        Moon Cycles—stop-
        ing her from leaving
        for work DRESSED
        as if she’s a CRAZY
        person/woman !

        Fletcher ought to
        have prompted
        you—with a kind/
        gentle :

        “Sit up straight,
        Sharyl, and turn
        your legs to one
        side, under your

        Cute and Funny,
        to this ARTIST !



        Do you forget my
        “Sex Ed. 101”
        report ?

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