(POLL) Voters more confident in Social Security system

Confidence that Social Security will pay out its promised benefits has increased significantly, including among younger voters, who have previously been most skeptical.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

The survey finds that 60% of likely US voters say they are confident that the Social Security system will pay them all promised retirement benefits during their lifetime, including 23% who say they are “very confident.” Thirty-seven percent (37%) lack that confidence, with 12% saying they are “not at all confident” they will receive their full payout.

Confidence in Social Security has increased since 2019, when 50% were confident the system would pay them all promised benefits, and is now the highest since Rasmussen Reports began asking this question in 2011. 

A majority (57%) of voters under 40 are now at least somewhat confident that Social Security will pay them all promised benefits. Four years ago, just 36% of under-40 voters were confident in the system’s promises.

Fifty-three percent (53%) of those ages 40-64 and 80% of voters 65 and older are now confident that the Social Security system will pay them all promised retirement benefits during their lifetime.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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7 thoughts on “(POLL) Voters more confident in Social Security system”

  1. I don’t understand these responses – perhaps the youngest respondents don’t understand that our government routinely takes from social security.

    Why else would the age of retirement keep increasing and benefits keep decreasing?

    It wasn’t that many years ago that children who were social security recipients due to a deceased parent could receive benefits through college. Now the cutoff is age 18. (Just one example)

    When we look at who our government “borrows” from it is US, which in turn means social security.

    Wake up!

    1. Bbrain,

      . . . and companies bring in
      VISA-workers who can bring
      in their elderly parents/grand-
      parents for monthly Social(ist)
      Security payments—and any
      body with an I.Q. above, say,
      90 really has hope in its short-
      term solvency ?

      We’re in an INTRA-Depression
      stage of RECESSION, which
      repeating, downward-cascading
      cycle began when President
      Nixon dismantled the Gold
      Standard, for removing the REAL
      value/meaning of “money,” at the
      behest of the ( criminal ) Federal
      Reserve (sic).


  2. It makes perfect sense. The kids today are taught / brainwashed to believe that Government is the solution and socialism is a good thing. Unfortunately they are going to learn the hard way that Government is the problem not the solution

  3. “Social Security benefits will be subject to a 23 percent cut in a decade.” That’s per the latest report. Alas, I have to search annually since news outlets give this info short shrift; I’m 75 so it is some intertest.

  4. What many fail to realize is that what is promised will be determined when one applies for SS. The percentage those on SS now may be more than what is given in 10. 20, or 30 years from now.
    Even those of drawing from our SS benefits are expecting a cut as the pot dwindles and is not being replenished by those working and paying FICA tax today. 7.5 million jobs unfilled with nearly 7 millon physically capable men and women not even looking for employment in some very high paying positions.

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