Trump: ‘We’ll institute a mass deportation program for illegal immigrants’

As border crisis reaches top level concern in the 2024 presidential campaign, former President Donald Trump vows to round up and send back the more than seven million allowed to enter illegally under the first three years of the Biden administration.

The Biden administration and Congress have yet to propose any ideas for dealing with the multiple problems raised by the record illegal border crossings, including the criminal element, drug and human trafficking, , and the escalating costs to US taxpayers in terms of processing, transporting, housing, education, health care, and much more.

In an interview with Sharyl Attkisson for “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson” last fall, candidate Trump said it’s not enough to simply secure the border after-the-fact.

Here is a transcript of the exchange:

Sharyl: But how do we deal with, or do we deal with the millions that have come in since? Do we just let that go? Or is there a practical way to deal with it?

Trump: No country can sustain what we’re sustaining right now. No country’s rich enough.

Sharyl: So how do you deal with those? Or do you deal with those who are already here?

Trump: You have to deport.

Sharyl: How?

Trump: You have to deport.

Sharyl: How do you identify — do you have a mass program to identify…

Trump: You have to have a mass deportation program. That’s right. And you know what? When you say that everyone’s gonna stop coming. You know, one of the reasons I was successful is they knew it was gonna be very, very hard to come in. We moved out, as you know, thousands of people, thousands of gang members, thousands and thousands. I mean, these are rough people. These are people that are as rough as you get. These are real, serious criminals. We took them out by the thousands, and we’re gonna have to do that again.


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5 thoughts on “Trump: ‘We’ll institute a mass deportation program for illegal immigrants’”

  1. I can only hope the expression ” We Have Everything” will help not only to reverse this invasion but also military tribunal its treasonous facilitators, its very long overdue and vital for our country to survive the treason within our borders.

  2. I should have just cut and pasted but:

    This is being said by a guy who admitted that he’ll say anything to get elected even if he has no intention (or no idea of how) to get it done.

    HE SAID HE LIES ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL. What are the Republicans thinking going with this guy again. He had 4 years to deport but didn’t. We are in trouble as a country with either Biden or Trump.

  3. He’ll say that right up to the minute he takes office – then there will be an excuse (or three) as to why he can’t do it. That’s classic Trump SOP (standard operating procedure).

  4. rabbi trump is a grifter a liar. he had 4 years and barely did anything and as hard as it is to believe purple lipped obama deported more people

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