Media mistakes; Following the union money; Antisemitism on campus

Starting in 2015, the candidacy and then presidency of Donald Trump was marked by an unprecedented number of media mistakes made by formerly well respected news organizations such as the New York Times, The Washington Post, and NBC.

Sharyl Attkisson has tracked the trend over the years and compiled a list of major media mistakes against Trump here.

But outstanding questions included: Is the trend against Trump a result of newly-sloppy reporting and innocent mistakes? Or is it an intentional campaign to undercut him? Would the next president suffer under the weight of similar media mistakes made against him?

Sunday on Full Measure, we have the answers. Three years into the Biden presidency, we track the media mistakes and which side they seem to benefit.

Also Sunday, Lisa Fletcher examines the political power of America’s unions, where they’re throwing their hefty financial support, and why.

And an update on our reporting on Jewish hate on college campuses that are getting big funding from the Islamic nation of Qatar.

See you Sunday!

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3 thoughts on “Media mistakes; Following the union money; Antisemitism on campus”

  1. The Anti-Antisemitism on campus is not the fault of Qatar. Sure, Qatar is funding it, but no one forced the finest universities in America to prostitute themselves for cash. How can you teach your students to do what is right, not what is easy and convenient.
    Several years ago, I read a 2-part editorial concerning colleges. The first part covered students cheating on their course work. The second part concerned the college administration misusing foundations sponsored by rich donors for purposes that were the exact opposite of what they promised to do.
    To teach Honesty, Courage, Integrity, etc to the students … this comes to mind “He Who Leads Best Leads By Example”.

  2. Now for the media.
    I believe the media set out to keep Trump out of office in 2014. When they failed with that, they set up to get Trump removed from office, and that continued with bringing about his defeat in 2020.
    I will say this began after Bush won in 2000, Very little the media printed about Bush was beneficial to him. They found nothing negative to say about 0bama or Hillary.

    While it has been a while, I have written about a series of US Govt actions in the 1960s that put the US on a path to implode in the future. Mainly weaponizing Illegal Immigration and Debt. I have since put that implosion at 2010 and the reason 0bama could not do it was because the Globalists failed to obtain Amnesty for an estimated 20 to 25 million Illegal Aliens in 2007. Bush, 0bama, McCain, and others included in that.
    Back to the Media: They have been complicit in the efforts to bring about the demise of America as they chose not to report on any of it.

  3. I viewed your show Sheryl Attkisson on Sunday February 25th in Oklahoma City at 9:30 am on FOX about media mistakes and retraction in the Post, NBC, and many others.
    How do I get a copy of that?
    I’ve given you the time, date, location, and channel. Can you send it to:
    [email protected]

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