(REPORT) U.S. pays record $20 Billion to welcome illegal aliens with ‘refugee and entrant assistance’

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Among the many burdens that skyrocketing illegal immigration forces upon American taxpayers is the exorbitant cost of rolling out the welcome mat to accommodate, transport and provide migrants with a multitude of services upon their arrival in the United States.

In the past two fiscal years the Biden administration has spent an astonishing $20 billion, according to government figures included in a report published by a nonprofit that investigates federal spending.

A Health and Human Services (HHS) division known as Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) does most of the spending, which is considered “refugee and entrant assistance.”

In 2022 the agency dedicated $8.925 billion to the cause and in 2023 the cost soared to $10.928 billion.

Services provided to illegal immigrants include transitional and medical care, refugee support, programs for survivors of torture, emergency supplemental assistance and millions of dollars for minors, which are classified as Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC). Underaged migrants also receive costly extended services such as housing, schooling, recreational activities, legal help, and even long-term foster care for those who cannot be placed with family.

The Biden administration’s disastrous open border policies will only increase the cost of providing all these rewards to illegal aliens. In 2023 the U.S. Border Patrol encountered a record-breaking 2.5 million migrants, and early figures indicate this year will be worse. “There seems to be no end in sight, or meaningful plan from the Biden administration to stop or slow the number of people coming over the border,” says the founder of the Hinsdale, Illinois group, OpenTheBooks, that issued the report. “Meanwhile, federal funds flowing to migrants are growing at an exponential rate.”

The nonprofit points out that its auditors looked at just one federal office—ORR—to get an idea of how much spending is going towards accommodating, transporting, and providing migrants with various other services.

The report focuses primarily on just a few major grant programs, which means that “the universe of taxpayer spending is so much larger, especially when including state and local funds as well,” OpenTheBooks logically concludes.

One of the programs examined covers a wide variety of services such as helping migrants save for asset purchases like a car or house and credit building through business and personal loans. Recipients include asylees, refugees, survivors of torture, trafficking victims, special immigrant visa holders, Cubans, and Haitians.

Another taxpayer-funded program for migrants offers intensive case management to help “extremely vulnerable individuals” overcome barriers. Under the plan they receive emergency housing support, medical screening, work authorization applications, school enrollment, cultural orientation, legal assistance, mental health services and other costly benefits.

Adding to the problem, investigators found a potential conflict of interest between the leadership at ORR and the agency’s largest grant recipients. The report discloses that for decades ORR’s deputy assistant secretary for humanitarian services, Robin Dunn Marcos, was employed in executive positions by two nonprofits that received the largest grants for refugee and entrant assistance.

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6 thoughts on “(REPORT) U.S. pays record $20 Billion to welcome illegal aliens with ‘refugee and entrant assistance’”

  1. It will keep going up, bleeding the tax payer until……..the taxpayer has had enough!!
    Then the real problem starts…..the final straw that will break the back of the USA.
    A broke country with crime as the means to survive. This will be the undoing of a once great country.
    Like all past empires they don’t last much more then 300 years before they collapse.
    We are on course to do the same. With incompetent leadership who can’t look beyond the end of their nose. USA will repeat history.
    > Lessons never learned. <

  2. Bryan Taplits,

    My explanation, posted below this
    Attkisson article, explains much,
    decline :

    Forwarded Message :

    JUNE 5, 2023 AT 10:50 AM
    Martina Lauer,

    F Y I :

    Re : R O O T Cause

    Students are unprepared because
    MARXIST social-engineers are in
    every agency !—every venue of
    COMMUNICATION, and in your
    home, via TV.

    I had asked, in 1963 : What power
    is capable of engineering – Western-
    world-wide !!! – gradeless classes;
    student-run school administrations;
    savage-like Rock music and dance
    ( the “Mr. Wizard” program, aired
    every weekday afternoon, had
    televised science experiments, when,
    without any notice, local “Dance Band”
    replaced him—which display had me
    turn down the volume and be humored
    by kids’ flailing arms and legs, remov-
    ing any GRACE and INTIMACY and
    RESPECT between boys and girls,
    there ); sociology professors asking
    students to bring PORN magazines
    to class and exchange them—then
    to be discussed; college dorms intro-
    ducing mixed-sex dorms—then, on
    the same floor !, as if there really would
    NEVER be any hot-sex couplings;
    sex-as-fun, rather than SACRED ( 5,O00-
    years sacred in human history ), and
    VITAL for grooming GOOD MENTAL
    HEALTH in children; and . . . ?

    Every white nation in the West had
    been assaulted by Libertine Leftism—
    at the EXACT same time ! And not one
    conservative pundit raised that as an
    EXTREMELY important FACT to
    question—to ask political movers and
    shakers how/why that had happened.

    The “Who?” being even more vital :

    Rothschild / Illuminati Banking House,
    this scribbler has discovered, which
    cabal of evil-doers is about to collapse
    America into extreme hardship and
    want ( read third post in here ) :


    First two posts are mine, and mis-attributed
    by the editor.


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