5,000 more hours of Jan 6 footage to be released by House Oversight Committee

The following is from Just the News.

House Speaker Mike Johnson announced Friday the release of 5,000 additional hours of video from the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot. 

The additional video, equal to roughly 208 straight days of viewing, is being released by the House Administration Oversight Subcommittee. 

“House Republicans again commend subcommittee Chairman Barry Loudermilk and the entire Committee on House Administration for their ongoing commitment to ensuring that there is full transparency surrounding the events of January 6,” Johnson said.

The release follows Johnson saying in November 2023 that he would make the January 6, 2021, tapes available to the American people and the release of an initial tranche of 90 hours of footage.

There seems to more video in addition to what is being released Friday, with the Administration committee vowing to “continue to release the remaining footage online as expeditiously as possible so that it is accessible to every American.”

Some of new video is previously released video that was blurry and re-uploaded in an attempt to make the images clearer, Johnson also said.

The link to the footage can be found here. 

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2 thoughts on “5,000 more hours of Jan 6 footage to be released by House Oversight Committee”

  1. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Obviously there were crimes committed by insurrectionists and Federal Law Enforcement personnel in Washinton DC. But committing crimes by government officials is nothing new. Let’s talk about the State of Colorado and the small town of SALIDA. Salida Colorado is a beautiful mountain town with a strange history of violence, missing persons, and strange objects in the sky. One Salida police officer ID as KAT is no stranger to committing Federal Crimes. She herself can very easily be charged and convicted for Federal Criminal and Civil violations if the truth about her behavior was exposed to prosecutors. The reason the SCOTUS decided by a 9-0 lopsided decision in favor of the US Constitution is that without a Constitution, police officers and local judges would run amok, as the history shows. Police Officer Kat and the judges in Colorado must take notice of the 9 – 0 decision and change their behavior, or suffer a fine and/or a prison term. Police Officers can and will go to prison it they commit crimes. KAT and the Colorado Judges have committed crimes – will they be held accountable? We will watch and see.

  2. I have no idea what these blank photos show or prove except that things looked very calm in the area being filmed, what appears to be an underground parking lot. What we deserve to know is, why this event even took place near the steps to the Congressional building? ; the proof of what those charged did, in this riot; who those we can not identify in the crowd are, and what part they played?; why a Congressional Policeman who shot and killed a young female vet did not go on trial and get charged in her death; and if those charged received the same rights that every citizen in the US are guaranteed in our Constitution? Sharyl can you help us find out these answers?

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