Against the wind; Dietician conflicts; Whistleblowing power

Wind power is a big part of the plan to transition away from fossil fuels.

But much like with its sisters, solar and electric, enthusiasm over wind power has been dampened by reality.

Sunday on Full Measure, Lisa Fletcher reports on the controversies surrounding offshore wind farms and why the Biden administration may have trouble meeting its goals.

Also Sunday, is the nation’s largest group of dieticians actually funded by the industries responsible for our unhealthy food?

We’ll speak to US Right to Know, a watchdog group, about its five-year-long investigation.

And America has a history of brave whistleblowers that dates back to our beginning.

We’ll look at some of the impact whistleblowers have had and the price they’ve paid.

Marcel Reid, ACORN 8 whistleblower

See you Sunday!

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1 thought on “Against the wind; Dietician conflicts; Whistleblowing power”

  1. Wind turbines are taking huge amounts of the best farmland in the world out of production. Many not in use because of unsold transmission, lightening strikes, etc. Huge landfills required for broken blades. The nighttime horizon has gone from open starlight expanses to rhythmic red flashing lights. I am also concerned that field tiles that are going in huge numbers of acres of farmland are depleting the aquifers. Water is being sent right down the rivers. This is changing flood plains and i wonder if the disruption in condensation etc is contributing to shortage of rain when clouds don’t form.

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