Doctor wait times; KidInfluencers; Star search

The promise of Obamacare was more people having access to affordable health care.

The reality has proven far different.

The length of time we have to wait to see the doctor is growing longer and longer.

Access can be hard to come by due to the long waits. And health care costs are skyrocketing.

Sunday on Full Measure, we’ll speak to an expert who will help us understand why we can’t get prompt appointments for routine appointments, or even critical surgery.

Dr. Ateev Mehrotra is a professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School

Also Sunday, so-called “KidInfluencers” are making millions on social media. Where does that money go? Should parents be forced to set aside some of it for their celebrity kids’ future?

You might be shocked to learn who is really behind the effort to make sure kids get paid and why.

And since his beginning Man has been gazing toward the starts. We go on a whimsical star search!

See you Sunday!

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3 thoughts on “Doctor wait times; KidInfluencers; Star search”

  1. Is shortage of physicians that it takes so long to make an appointment with a physician or physicians as employees of corporations have no incentive to work overtime like a self employed one has personal interest in not denying early access ?
    Even when you do get an appointment, doctors as employees are allowed only 10 minutes a patient because of multiple bookings called productivity to generate more revenue.
    As you stated, our healthcare system is a scandal and fraud.

  2. St. Louis, MO has several Urgent Care/UC locations. If I can’t get into my Dr. and it’s not serious enough for ER, I go to UC. You get in to see a Dr. fast…within minutes of walking in if you have checked in on-line
    They do a great job. I have gone there for UT I’s, COVID…you can get x-rays, stitches, meds, etc…. The co pay at UC is $50. instead of what I would pay at the Dr. ($20.) but cheaper than ER. Emergency room waits are outrageous, so this is a great alternative. This does not include specialists so I’m sure there’s somewhat of a wait for those appointments.

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