Dr. Paul Marik (FLCCC) and the Breakaway from Establishment Medicine after Covid (Podcast)

Dr. Paul Marik, a critical care physician, tells why he broke away from establishment medicine and co-founded a new group, Frontline Covid Critical Care (FLCCC) alliance, after the scandals of Covid.

He also tells how the group is expanding to solve some of America’s vexing chronic health problems that establishment medicine has failed at.

Listen below by pressing play arrow.

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Paul Marik (FLCCC) and the Breakaway from Establishment Medicine after Covid (Podcast)”

  1. Sharyl: I totally enjoyed your postings. I’m finishing a final edit of Bordergate2: The Migrant Wedge (the original still on Amazon with its blue and white cover). The good news is that I have over 17 Barnes & Noble managers wanting the book when printed (of a total of 474 retail outlets) , including the McAllen store, but I can’t deliver their 6 requested PLUS 3,000 more expected for financial reasons.

    While I originally self-published BTMW (as well as Fake Quake, also on Amazon), I’m stymied with finding a co-publisher who can pull up the slack and enjoy a 20% minimum return on their $54,000 investment in 60-90 days, as assured by B & Ns anticipated purchase orders through Ingram.

    Looking forward to any patriot’s lead you might be willing to share!

    Best, T.J.

  2. I wish you would provide a transcript of your podcasts. I do not have time nor do I care to listen to podcasts or other audio/video recordings. I digest information much better via reading.

    Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Sharyl. Your bravery and journalist integrity should earn you the same medal Rush got. You make the truth of things so clear! I just listened to your interview with Dr. Bodoin and am sending it to my granddaughter, a hospital pharmacist in Chattanooga. Thanks again.

  4. I just happened to find Sharyl Attkisson interview Dr Paul Marik(FLCCC) on a local Fox station in Texas today. what an amazing and courageous gift from Full Measure and Fox to people today.
    Ive known for a while about the yucky fibrous strands found in deceased bodies and the study done by morticians and the difficulty they have of removing those strands preparing them for burial. Praises for the courage needed to face the concerted push back from the medical ESTABLISHMENT.

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