More Americans now say immigration problem is most important issue facing US

(GALLUP) More Americans now say immigration problem is most important issue facing US

The following is from Gallup News.

Significantly more Americans name immigration as the most important problem facing the U.S. (28%) than did a month ago (20%). Immigration has now passed the government as the most often cited problem, after the two issues tied for the top position the past two months.

The government ranked first each month from January through November 2023.

In the latest poll, 20% of Americans name the government as the most important problem, followed by the economy (12%) and inflation (11%).

Immigration is the only issue that has shown meaningful change in the past month.

The latest results are based on a Feb. 1-20 Gallup survey.

Immigration has ranked ahead of all other issues as the most important problem before, having last done so five years ago when there was a surge of attempted border crossings by Central American migrants.

Immigration also ranked as the No. 1 problem in July and November 2018 and July 2014. Gallup started compiling mentions of immigration in 1981.

The 28% currently naming immigration as the most important problem essentially ties the 27% reading from July 2019 as the highest in Gallup’s trend.

More See Illegal Immigration as a Critical U.S. Threat

A separate question in the survey finds a record-high 55% of U.S. adults, up eight points from last year, saying that “large numbers of immigrants entering the United States illegally” is a critical threat to U.S. vital interests.

The prior high was 50% in 2004.

The vast majority of Republicans already believed illegal immigration was a critical threat; 84% said so a year ago, but the percentage has now reached 90%.

A larger increase, from 40% to 54%, has been seen among independents.

Far fewer Democrats view illegal immigration as a critical threat, but that percentage is up from 20% in 2023 to 29%. (Continued…)

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3 thoughts on “(GALLUP) More Americans now say immigration problem is most important issue facing US”

  1. People are not taking the immigration seriously or are incapable or seeing the whole problem and by the time they realize the gravity of the problem, America will have collapsed. This leads to Trump’s promise to deport Illegal Aliens, which I support, however if people refuse to halt immigration, they definitely will not support deportation.
    I lost a lengthy post in support of my claim, because I did not include the ‘c’ in ‘com’ and it was called spam.

  2. The Mainstream Media is not digging into what’s happening with migrants after they are released. Where are they going, what are they being given and who who’s paying for it. If this came out there would be even more outrage about the border. Fortunately, they are almost compelled to cover crime, but even then how much is being ignored, muted or downplayed?

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