READ: Maricopa County audit flags 57k+ ballot issues in a state Biden won by fewer than 11k votes

According to official results, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in Arizona in a very close race by 10,457 votes.

The recent forensic audit of votes in Maricopa County questions 57,722 ballots, more than five times that number.

One caution in interpreting results flagging questioned or invalid ballots: auditors say it’s unlikely that every adjustment would have favored a single candidate. Therefore, one cannot assume all 57,722 votes would have been removed from Biden’s tally or credited to Trump.

Nonetheless, discrepancies in the one county alone are large enough to suggest that they could have made a difference in the outcome of the statewide tally.

It’s unclear why most media reports have been declaring, contrary to evidence, that the audit somehow confirmed that Biden won the Arizona race fair and square. (You can read the audit at the link below and draw your own conclusions.) Though a hand recount of ballots was fairly close to the original count, that did not address the anomalies found, nor did it rule out invalid votes and fraud.

In addition to the problems flagged, auditors said it was impossible to conduct a complete audit because county officials failed to cooperate on some important matters. And some evidence was reportedly removed or destroyed prior to a subpoena.

READ: Examples of allegedly fraudulent votes in Maricopa County

Among significant problems uncovered were tens of thousands of people who voted from a prior address, which would technically invalidate the votes if one were to enforce election law. Likewise with 10,342 voters who potentially voted in more than one county.

In one particularly difficult-to-square anomaly, more than 9,000 more ballots were returned by voter than were sent out. In more than 3,000 instances, the official results do “not match who voted.”

There were 2,592 more duplicates than original ballots. There were 2,382 in person voters who had moved out of Maricopa County, and 2,081 who had moved out of state during the 29 days preceding the election. Hundreds more votes were cast by people who were not part of the official precinct register, or returned by mail from people who had not been sent ballots.

While experts say fraud is suggested in numerous instances, there is also the possibility that poor record-keeping on the part of county election officials were responsible for some of the problems. Auditors were not always able to access and examine the records necessary to understand if that is the case.

“…the delta between the Presidential candidates is very close to the potential margin-of-error for the election.”

Maricopa County auditors

Below is the chart summarizing the findings:

Read the audit here.

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70 thoughts on “READ: Maricopa County audit flags 57k+ ballot issues in a state Biden won by fewer than 11k votes”

  1. Why don’t they audit some of the States that President Trump won! These States would probably cooperate and you will more than likely find mass cheating by the Democrats there as well. Even though they knew they would more that likely not win that State, they would pad the total results to give the impression that Biden won the National Popular vote. There is no way he could have gotten the number of votes nationally.

    1. Every state needs to be audited for people to trust the important Presidential Election. Majoriry of country knows that its coordinated rigging effort by Democrats, RINOs in swing states to steal election from Mr.Trump. But considering the mess Biden has created in just 7 months, We need to audit Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, PA ASAP and decertify the rigged election in the states. GOP in these states needs to fight like hell by ignoring outcries from fake liberal media outlets, Dems and RINOs

      1. Undermining confidence that America’s citizenry places in elections, and our governance generally for that matter is the game plan.

        See, once faith is disintegrated, it makes it much easier to replace our beloved Constitution with its framework of checks and balances, and guaranteed individual rights.

    2. I totally agree… fraudulently counted ballots in total- Trump actually won! Biden should relinquish to the real winner of the election.

    3. Your question opens the real question. All states should require full forensic audit if there is any doubts what so ever. And there is plenty of doubt! Nation wide.

    4. We should all be embarrassed by our current voting system. It should be easy for counties to accurately tally votes — and it should be easy to prove that all votes cast are legal and valid.
      The onus is on the election admins to prove the accuracy of their systems; and until they do, it’s fair to assume that every result is, in part, fraudulent.

    5. I think your issue is, “Why don’t they…”

      We (traditional American) lost. And we’ll continue to be lost as long as we keeping looking for “they” to do something about it.

    6. Michael Dougherty

      I am not so sure you would. They knew they were taking a big risk in the fraud and they probably wouldn’t chance it to add votes in TX or OK when there was no net positive for them..

      1. I am certain Biden lost AZ. Almost all the election records were deleted, this includes the 200,000 votes that were manually adjudicated. LOOk at signature verification using the AZ 27 point algorithm and you will find another 25,000 illegal ballots. Bounce the voter list against the lists of illegal aliens and you get another 30,000 illegal ballots. A separate voter canvas found 73,000 ghost voters ( Voters who voted but did not exist at the residences listed). As well as 273,000 lost voters. Then look at the other AZ counties to get another 125,000 illegal votes

    7. Sure there is. What you fail to understand is that there’s no middle ground on Trump, and a lot more people loathe him than love him. A cardboard cutout of Bozo the Clown would have beaten Trump convincingly in the Popular Vote.

      1. Your delusional, but you probably have a house full of Haitians and Central Americans, right? I’m sure your ready for the big tax hike that’s coming and the large energy bills also? Your the very thing that disgusts Americans. A woke, virtue signaling idiot who would sell your mother to make sure your liked. We despise democrats. Trump won. Democrats cheat to win. Democrats need to be destroyed as a party. Put into camps and reeducated about the true history of America.

    8. Wisconsin to name one of 5 currently are doing audits and another dozen are trying to get them started. Yes some are Trump states.

  2. County officials needs to go to jail.
    If they did poor record keeping — they need to go to jail and will serve as a lesson that if you take thiis job then you better do the record keeping.

    1. Thank you! This is what we were wooing about!: and why Republicans ere trying to tell the ph ref of the country. These people finally proved the point that republicans were trying the tell the people and courts No one would listen!!!!

  3. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    How may so many voters
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    The answer : HYPNOSIS !
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      1. Richard Greene,

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          1. Sounds like “JungianINTP” is a democrat, confused and trying to spin Trumps landslide victory in the 2020 presidential election, into a race-bait game. The Constitution says coup de ta are punishable by capital punishment (death), and the truth is now evident. Trump should declare himself winner now of the 2029 presidential election, and demand to be inaugurated. And all perpetrators of the coup de ta (like all who were present at the joe biden fake coup de ta inauguration will stand trial for all the following crimes against the usa and all americans:


        1. You, Rick, are the first person I ever heard use the term Forced Integration, besides myself? I’ve always seen that if you Force Integrate your freed black slaves into your white culture you end up with today. America, the American Idea died in 1865

        2. Yeah uh, white people traditionally used percussion too. Percussion is no more a black thing than breathing air is.

  4. The audit presentations, which i watched for 2.5 hours …
    until I couldn’t take anymore, were obviously not designed
    to change the 2020 election results. If they were,
    the presentation was terrible.

    There was no simple bullet point list saying
    the official vote was xxx Biden, and xxx Trump,
    but we believe if illegal ballots were eliminated,
    the adjusted vote would have been
    yyy Biden and yyy Trump.
    Because the audit could not provide
    such a conclusion.
    We don’t even know if Trump
    would have received more votes,
    or fewer votes, if ONLY
    legal ballots were counted.

    The audit was aimed at getting the legislature
    to change voting regulations, and to get the AZ
    Attorney General to indict some people for election fraud.

    I doubt that anything will happen, because politicians
    of both parties prefer the general public to believe
    all elections are honest, and they did not get their jobs
    through dishonest elections

    The real message from the audit
    is how hard Arizona Democrats
    tried to prevent a thorough audit.
    Much information was never
    turned over to the audit team.
    Computer records were deleted.
    Then the dishonest press,
    if they bothered reporting the results,
    only reported the hand recount,
    which did what hand recounts
    almost always do
    — they come up with
    almost the same number of votes
    as the tabulating machine count,
    with the only recent exception
    being Antrim County, Michigan.

    The mass media would never
    mention that hand recounts
    treat illegal ballots and legal ballots
    the same — they can not detect illegal,
    fraudulent votes. They just count whatever
    ballots were accepted as legitimate votes.

    Those facts are much more revealing
    than the numbers from the audit.

    23,344 voters voted via a mail-in ballot
    where nobody else of the same name
    was at the address, eliminating students
    and other people in similar family situations
    from the potential mix.
    If they were people
    voting in the wrong precinct,
    perhaps where they used to live,
    that is technically illegal, but such
    voters deserved to get one vote..
    That is the largest category of
    questionable ballots.

    On the other hand,
    Maricopa County
    has only 56% of the entire
    Arizona population
    — it would be easy to assume
    the rest of Arizona
    had similar ballot issues.

    I published many articles
    about the audit
    on my politics blog.
    This one had
    the best summary
    of the audit report:

    1. Correct. The audit does not, and as stated on numerous occasions, was not intended to, change the outcome or identify the winner. It was intended to identify irregularities so they could be addressed, but also to indicate if the election results were certifiable for the originally declared winner. And the answer to that question is clear: With roughly 50K irregularities in one county that would render those votes illegitimate, and the margin of declared victory in the entire state at roughly one-fourth of that number, it is impossible to declare the official results as certifiably correct. Conversely, what it most certainly does not confirm is that Joe Biden won, as is being trumpeted by all mainstream media; a blatant, now-provable, lie.

      So, the question has always been “what should we do about it”?
      Move on and forget about it? Certainly not. We cannot live in a nation where an election cannot be corrected when it is discovered that the results were not certifiable either through fraud or incompetence. If that is the case, why mandate retention of election data for 22 months? Surely, there must be a mechanism to address the reason you retain that data: audit.
      Decertify? That seems like a logical next step. It has been proven to be uncertifiable.
      Investigate further and remove the illegitimate votes and recount? Why not?
      Hold another election on paper? Why not?

      1. Steve S.
        The election is final on January 6 when the elector’s votes are certified.
        After January 6 the new president can only be removed by impeachment and conviction. Maybe that was a flaw in the Constitution?
        Two months to prove any sophisticated voting fraud, from Election Day to January 6, is not enough time,

        1. Under the Constitution each state gets electors. At one time they were voted by the state legislators not people. Our founders considered democracy a short lived and violent form of Gov. States changed to people voting, then changed how electors are divided. Curiously States supposedly gave up their power to replace Senators they would appoint, no popular vote. “Law that never was” goes over the fraud in the passing of the 16th amendment. There’s another on the fraud in the 17th.

      2. Thats the only way. hold another election at the polls only and have both parties observe it every step of the way of somebody needs a mail in ballot either go drive them to the polling station or make damn sure they are who they say they are

  5. They forgot to mention yesterday the four hours that the Democrats with many Democrats aboard took the trucks with the ballots being moved to the audit center, toured the country before delivering them to the audit center when the audit was announced and the dumpster of shredded ballots that were found late at night outside of the storage area that were quickly burnt to a cinder. Sounds like evidence tampering and destruction to me…
    All the corrupt media and Left push is the fact that both hand audits come out with very similar results…that simply shows they were very skilled in covering their tracks and making sure that the only ballots available were the ones that had been changed or added to support and coverup the steal in the first few days with the flipping of votes and adding fraudulent votes that were accomplished during and shortly after Nov 3.
    And don’t forget the cyber security efforts that tracked the actual flow of voting data captured during and after the actual voting that tracked the info being provided to states to enable them to adjust the algorithms to put Biden in the lead and keep him there despite the actual vote.

    · Reply · 16h


  7. GO TO MY FACE BOOK PAGE click on the last post .the one of trump. that will send you to the post that will destory ther dnc ..them knowing that the shots are killing more than it is helping . will turn all of america on them. every one has lost a love one to the virus. and many after getting the shots . yes the DNC is done

    1. George
      VAERS misses most adverse side effects.
      Perhaps misses 90% of them.
      For the deaths reported, some can not be proven to have been caused by the vaccines. Unfortunately, there are very few autopsies to determine the cause of death.

      One German pathologist autopsied several dozen Germans who died after they got COVID shots, and claimed he was confident 30 to 40% of the deaths were caused by the vaccine.

      Then you have the wild guess of how many people the vaccines are saving.

      Considering the poor available data, in my opinion there is insufficient proof for the claim that the vaccines are killing more people than they are saving.

      They are the most dangerous vaccines in US history, and the effectiveness is shorter term than any prior vaccines.

      For people under age 40, and physically fit members of the military, it seems that the vaccines may cause more serious injuries than they prevent.

      And vaccines given to people who have recovered from COVID, and have natural antibodies, makes no sense if you believe in science.

  8. yes i checked the post above this one will take you there. look and pass it on. if you can stop any one from getting the shots . you will save there life . and after you read this . you will know that . hay little lady look into this. it would make a grate news story for you to pass on. and save lives at the same time YOUR WELCOME

  9. Here is some very curious information from the audit
    that should have received publicity, but did not:

    “The Arizona audit could not find an identity match on 86,391 people.

    This is disclosed on Page 56 of the “Results Details” report.

    These Maricopa voters cast ballots in Nov 2020 and don’t seem to exist.

    The ones registered as Democrat or selected no party affiliation represent a whopping 73.8% of these unknown voters.

    That’’s 63,757 ballots.

    … Cyber Ninja’s used Melissa Personator which is arguably the best commercial service to validate U.S. or Canadian identities.

    It scours private and government databases including USPS and Social Security Administration.”

    One possible reason
    that a person might be “invisible”
    on government databases:
    He or she is an illegal alien, not a US citizen. !

  10. 58% of “irregular” votes were for Trump – Vol II of the “audit” report. SO if you throw out all of these votes, Trump would have lot by even more

  11. But apparently Biden still won even if by only 11000 votes. Satchel Paige once said, “Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you.” We are almost two years into the Biden administration and all the audits in the world are not going to change that – in fact any that are underway will not be completed by the mid-terms. It is time for Conservatives of all stripes, Republicans of all stripes, Libertarians of all stripes, and anyone else who cares to spread the big tent and unite to unseat the Democrats that once were legitimate but have turned into a “progressive” corporatist/fascist machine. It needs to be done at all levels. Stop the circular firing squad that is threatening to make the Republican party even more inept than it seems to be. That includes both the never-Trumpers and Trump himself. as well as his supporters (of which I was one after he was nominated in 2016). I believe the fact is that, whether or not it disappoints us, for a variety of reasons Trump cannot win in 2024. But he can exert an influence positive enough to help Republicans (especially conservative ones) win at all levels if he will swallow his pride and end the man from La Mancha act. Stop shooting in the circular firing squad and get positive. He has done great service to the republic even with some missteps, but the train has left the station. Satch was right. Something might be gaining on us. It is left wing socialism/fascism/communism/progressivism/corporatism all peddled by the Democrats who are hell-bent on the destruction of Constitution and along with it American freedom and liberty to say nothing of justice and peace.

  12. if 60% of the votes in the table went for Biden and were subsequently excluded, Trump wins. Not inconceivable in the least

  13. The 350 ballots that the recount found for Biden that had not been counted brings up the question of election fraud that probably should be investigated.

  14. What this shows is that Democrats and Republicans should come together and support designing a hack/mistake proof system that correctly records and tabulates votes from people eligible to vote. Fix it from registration to voting to tabulating.

    If something is not done is there anyone, Republican or Democrat, who will ever trust the results of an election?

  15. James (Jim) Hines

    If truth be known, Democrats have been cheating in elections for decades. And as we have moved mail in ballots, longer windows in which to vote, and most importantly, who controls the ballots, the cheating and fraud are getting worse.

    One of the main reasons that the Democrats keep bailing out the U.S> Postal service is that their unions are overwhelmingly Democrats. Around 90% of political contributions from Postal Service workers go to Dems. Lots of ballots get moved through U.S. Postal Services. Get rid of government mail. It should have been privatized decades ago. The U.S. Postal service, like AMTRACK, cannot even fund itself through operating revenue. It is just another government institution run by Dems.

    Further, most Election boards are run by Democrats. They used COVID to change voting rules, regardless of laws that prohibited many of these late game changes. What happened in Maricopa County happened all over this country. It is obvious.

    Democrats do everything in their power to restrict audits because they know what would come of real audits. And they will do everything in their power to lock in voting changes that extend the number of days to vote and to count votes. If Republicans do not step up and fight back and demand voter ID, get rid of ballot harvesting, etc….the fraud will continue.

    And, as states have moved toward all mail in voting, they continue to move farther to the political left. Look no further than Washington and Colorado.

  16. I live in NM. Votes shown for Dona Ana county 80.789 . 2020 population from the census 75,532 county clerk reported a Dominion employee showed up there during the election. No fraud in the election “most secure ever”.

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