CENSORED: Injured Covid-19 vaccine child study volunteer

13-year old Maddie de Garay was injured after receiving the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine as a study volunteer

Advocates for Covid-19 vaccine safety say that Comcast accepted their ad, then decided not to run it. You can view the ad and the description that comes with it below:

NEW LINKL: https://odysee.com/@VSRF:d/maddieaddenied:3

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13-year-old Maddie de Garay volunteered for the Pfizer vaccine clinical trials. She volunteered to help, but did not expect that she would suffer significant Pfizer vaccine-related injuries. Maddie’s mother will be testifying at the FDA’s VRBPAC Meeting on Pfizer Data on October 26th.

The public can submit public comments to the FDA for its VRBPAC
meeting on Pfizer Data taking place 10/26 for Children ages 5-11. A link to submit a public
comment can be found here:


Hear from Maddie’s mom here:


13-year old Maddie de Garay volunteered for the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine study

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81 thoughts on “CENSORED: Injured Covid-19 vaccine child study volunteer”

  1. I served in the military for 22 years, started in July 1963. I am 76 years old riddled with arthritis, rheumatoid, osteoarthritis and nerve afflicted problems. My point is ,unbelievable the amount of shots we were given. There was one serum we were given by injection I cannot remembere the name gabagob it hurt so bad I witnessed some of the stronger tough guys would fall to there knees . We need to guestion these injection

    1. Likely Immunoglobulin. They give it to you in the butt cheek. Comes straight out of freezer. Feels like they are pushing ice cold concrete into your butt. Can’t sit on that cheek for days.

      1. It appears Obama and Biden had no respect for the military; Trump cared!
        Of course when you are working to destroy your country
        the military is an obstacle to you.

        1. Trump had no care for the military.. lol Cuts to VA benefits, the proposed removal of VA benefits for hundreds of thousands of veterans, killing the VA Choice program, etc. The only reason he boosted the military funds is to send the money to the wall.

          1. not truth and stop telling lies. My husband get all he needs from VA and is told thanks to Trump they can serve more. Biden is now cutting VA all around

          2. You are an idiot. Please do all Americans a favor. Pack your things and move out of America! Telling lies is all your party can do.

          3. Robert E. Diesel, SSgt. Air Force

            You are so uninformed it hurts.Disabled Vietnam Vet. Recipient of Trump help for Vets. Get informed or shut up.

          4. You are wrong and misleading. The program expired and replaced with a much better program. The VA MISSION Act, also known as Public Law 115-182, was signed in 2018, authorizing even more funds for VCP, but also establishing a permanent Veterans Community Care Program (VCCP) to replace VCP. Apparently there still is no cure for TDS.

    2. That’s why McVeigh blew up that federal building in OK …that’s where your records were…to hide what they gave you and to protect them from lawsuits….

      1. This is truth. All these guys were given Cipro. This is where Gulf War Syndrome comes from. It changes the DNA and does permanent damage. But you won’t get anything to help your case now because some kind of way Mcveigh took care of that. It wasn’t accidental. We live in a matrix and they push the buttons. People need to wake up everything we were taught is a lie.

      2. That boy Mcviegh could barely drive the truck there. There is no way in hell he pulled that off. It’s kinda like Waco…. Does anyone still even know why the FBI raided it? Let me help the ones that don’t. I’ll give you a hint…. The Clintons… Everything ties back to the Killery’s. Don’t believe me go back to the early 80’s and start with Mena Ark. Follow history from the drug running till today they are Evil. The Busch’s are in it also.. I really knew there was Evil in this world but I never knew there was that much. Seriously take a dive into it. Look at Hollywood also. It’s crazy evil.

    3. I feel the same way. I received the anthrax vaccines and 20 years later I’m miserable. My tests show things are wrong with me but they contradict other tests. It’s like I’m deteriorating and my body is playing tricks on me. I’m losing my hair and my joints/ muscles ache. Extreme fatigue and nerve pain. Also severe gastrointestinal issues. If I knew what I knew know I’d never would of taken them. I’d rather get discharge then suffer the way I’m suffering now. I know many people have taken the vaccine and some are fine but it depends because everyone’s different.

  2. If the science and data were actually followed, no child would receive the vaccinations. The risk is as high or higher than the virus effects. Just look at VAERS to see how many children have died or been permanently disabled after taking the vaccines… in just a few months.

    1. The risk-benefit analysis we keep hearing?:Let’s go straight to the 600lb elephant! Chilren5-11 have 100times more chance of dying from the Vax then the have from Cov19 if contracted .Right NOW 32 STATES haven’t had a single death from Cov19..

      1. Up until the delta variant which has a higher viral load… most of the covid deaths in children were in ones who were suffering from leukemia. Even with delta kids will survive covid-19 unless they have a serious underlying health condition.

        The inventor of the mRNA vaccine said people under 18 should not get the vaccine because the government was not keeping data so there was no way to do a benefit/risk analysis. MSM buried this story.

        I really feel sorry for kids in California who are 5-11 who will be faced with vaccine mandates.

        1. Then its time for parents to .are a decision… leave them in a system that is designed to destroy their children or take them out once and for all and starve the beast.

    2. Fun Facts that left can't deal with

      The left hates children…They murder them in the womb, indoctrinate them in schools to ruin their lives, The inundate them with homosexuality and endless sex in songs and TV.. They tell the white children they are trash and less than minorities and then if they survive all of that they attack them endlessly in colleges… The left…HATES children.

      1. George S McDaniel

        I agree with you completely. The left also promotes child abuse through sexual perversion and promoting sex between adults and minors

      2. My God how right you are. I’ve never actually thought of it in that way. I hope you don’t mind me using your statement on other blogs..

      3. AMERICA HATES CHILDREN. The hatred is bipartisan and pervasive. This country does not support women and children. Third world countries do a far better job.

    3. What is the matter with these parents for God sakes, it’s their kids is money worth more than your child’s safety? So so sad!

      1. This leftist Biden regime is forcing,blackmailing parents to accept Government impositions, but still I understand your point & parents MUST STAND UP for their children

      2. To all blaming parents: the TRUE BLAME belongs on the pharmaceutical companies who push this poison while making sure there is NOTHING published, shown or mentioned about possible low cost cures. In order to keep emergency use on their products and NOT be responsible for adverse reactions, the pharmaceutical companies, main stream news, cdc, nhi, our own government, bill gates, fauci and others are at fault and responsible. They have gone out of their way to censure, attack and destroy ANYONE, including doctors, nurses, phds and virus experts who point out the problems, deaths and injuries. If the parents only listen to the main stream news, they are not told about adverse effects. Put the blame where it rightfully belongs: GREEDY and EVIL PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES. They know but they ignore. $$$$$

      3. I would never allow my child to do it,,just thinking about the risk is not worth it…. Now they have to take care of her daughter for the rest of her life, she’ll always need around the clock care, live on a bed and move around in a wheelchair with someone pushing her,,,that’s just the beginning of the the rest of her life and who’s going to take care of her,, and when the parents pass away,what will happen to her then… Why didn’t you think about the consequences and how extreme they would be….
        My prayers go out to you and Maddie ,, I pray that God will give Her a full healing through out her body….God be with You…

  3. Want sane parents, educated parents would allow their child to be placed in an experimental study? I feel great empathy for this child, now nothing more than a dying shell. However the parents are to blame for this!

  4. This is so incredibly sad but no child “volunteers” … it’s the parents’ choice … this is on them. Parents make decision for their minor children. Why would any parent voluntarily give up their child as a guinea pig???

    1. Amen!!! Your comment is the first thing I thought of when I saw this video. The voice over having so much “pain” in it is disgusting. These parents need to take responsibility for “volunteering” their child. This makes me sick for this little girl and parents all over the place need to start doing their own research and get off of MSM!!! If parents want their children to learn how to be informed, they need to show them how to do it!!! Wake Up Parents!!!

  5. Sharyl Attkisson, please follow the reports of the thousands of doctors, scientists, and whistleblowers who courageously tell the truth about the phony vacc/booster propaganda campaign. Clearly(unless a person is fast asleep) many informed and educated folks out here are ready to hear the real News! …Time to interview Reiner Fuellmich on Full Measure?
    THIS: PHYSICIANS DECLARATION GLOBAL COVID SUMMIT – ROME, ITALY–UPDATE: as of 2pm ET on 10/22 over 12,700 doctors & scientists have signed the Rome Declaration.

  6. I hold the mother responsible for so foolishly and needlessly allowing her daughter to be placed in such a dangerous scenario of being a human guinea pig but this definitely needs to be out there to save others

    1. Stop it.
      Just stop with the mother bashing.
      It would be equally unacceptable to bash the father.
      Yet, you choose to bash the mother.
      The mother did not make this vaccine nor did she cover anything up.
      She was told lies she believed as a loving mother.
      Just stop this abuse of a mother.

    2. Exactly correct. No 13-year-old in this country would ever be allowed to volunteer for anything without the parents written consent. This is on them they destroyed their daughter’s life.

  7. Stupid parents who can’t say no to their children allows their child to be injected with poison…and we’re supposed to have pity for them. God bless this little girl for having idiotic parents…

  8. What does a child, or for that matter the parent, really know about the people invading their privacy or their God-given rights? Not much, especially if they are still positively oriented, or spiritually infused to be great and strive to be the best. Who has time then to probe the lies the media and their evil cohorts use to fool the gullible public? Just look at how many masks you see on any given day. Each mask is a mark of sheer ignorance, of sheer fear for what really is a lie. But evil is what it is and children and their parents will remain ignorant until enough of this evil finally breaks through so they can begin questionning the lies.

  9. Well, I hate to say it but…the mother is just as much to blame. Why does anyone volunteer or “allow” their child to help by volunteering without researching scientific data herself?
    Had she researched, she would never have allowed her daughter to be jabbed. How did our society become so extremely dumbed down? Really ticks me off. Please read the real science folks. Check out Rick’s sites listed above.

  10. Science needs to be followed on these vaccines and that has been dismissed by the FDA and CDC.
    Where are the peer reviewed studies on these vaccines? Why are hospitals and physicians denying patients of the use of ivermectin and HCQ? Physicians that have used these meds have had success and people cured.
    Recently saw these numbers and it is not being reported on what these vaccines effecting the population of this country.
    Adverse reactions 818,042
    Dr visits 127,641
    Hospitalizations 83,412
    Urgent care visits 92,017
    Disabled from vaccines 26,199
    Now have bells palsey 10,179
    Myocarditis now 10,304
    Heart attacks 8,408
    Miscarriages 2,631
    Deaths 17,128
    We were coerced into taking these unsafe vaccines and physicians stated they were safe and now we know the vaccines permanently altered our immune systems to produce spike proteins.
    The public deserves the truth!

  11. Sharyl, thank you for posting this. The mother failed because she trusted that she was being told the truth. Most people in this country cannot believe that their government and the media would lie to them (“safe and effective!”) and suppress and censor any information contrary to the narrative. Too many people either do not know that alternative sources of information exist or believe the mantra that anything not blessed by the legacy media is not only misinformation but is purveyed by evil people..

    Who would have believed, two years ago, that we would be where we are today?

    1. This is exactly what democrats wanted, a few crippled 13 yr olds are no big deal to them, power and control of the United States is.

      1. There are many more than “A Few” dead or crippled children from the Vaccines. It is being covered up by the Evil Powers that Be.

  12. Sad as our own media and FDA have not acknowledged the adverse reactions and deaths as a result of this vaccine. Unfortunately there are no peer reviewd studies and no child should ever be placed in a study’ which Pfizer stopped before study was completed.

  13. Sharyl … thanks for doing the country a great service by giving a voice and a platform to people that have suffered immense harm from this mRNA injection. You are saving lives with the truth.

  14. Thanks for exposing the truth. It is heartbreaking to see this beautiful young girl suffer because of disinformation, politics and greed. We are being overwhelmed by mainstream media, big tech and censorship. We are in an information/bio war. To force this vaccine on anyone is crazy, to force it on children is beyond crazy, it is stupidity and brainwashing propaganda gone way too far. Hopefully the truth will prevail before it is too late. Thanks again.

  15. Please see these links :




  16. They hate EVERYTHING & EVERYONE; but if you still have any doubt in your mind #ASKEW that I survived living under that horror my childhood & many years more. These ppl agenda essentials are the hate,envy,divisive demagoguery & LIES

  17. Ms. Atkinson please if you are able, direct this family to the a Niatonin protocol. They can find it on telegram by that name. Niacin restoration in the body is correcting many of these vaccine injuries. Please see if you can alert them. Dr. Dmitry Kats is able to have a telechat with them but they can also see on the chat how many have been helped. I pray this little girl can return to her former healthy status.

  18. It’s pretty sad when a 13 yr old makes an adult decision and had paid a horrific price for such decision. Where the hell were her parents and why did they let her make this decision. Sadly mom & dad will regret letting their 13 yr old play adult and not do research or listen to doctors that are being silenced about the injuries and death of the vax. My heart breaks for the little girl whose life is forever changed.

  19. It is past time for Trump to speak out of these atrocities caused by this poison jab. I’m just so sick and tired of the evil people getting away with this and so many Americans are truly clueless.

  20. Unbelievable you did this to your child through an irrational fear. You saw the truth and wrote it off as “Crazy Conspiracy Anti-Vaxxers”. Now you get to join the club Kook. I am curious as to whether you and your Hubby joined the ADE club?

  21. The study group on children ages 5-11 years is VERY small. They are “guessing” at what dose to give. I’m a nurse and am pro vax but I absolutely would not give my younger child the vaccine. They do NOT have a large enough study to prove it is safe.

  22. why in the hell would a parent let a 13-year-old make the decision to volunteer for a study. This is tragic and the parent bears the blame.

  23. Pfizer- BioNTech is currently running Covid-19 trials at 100 hospitals worldwide — pushing the FDA to expedite the usual authorization process for use in children AGES 6 mos~4yrs !!!

  24. The dumbass parents are still pro-vax. How stupid can they be? Medical profession is NOT about Curing nor Healing, just study the early years of the medical profession and you will realize it’s ALL ABOUT MONEY!! Search Royal Raymond Rife & Others who they DESTROYED.

  25. If Maddie’s mother wants to get the full story out, she needs to contact Stew Peters in Minneapolis. He is a fearless crusader for justice and you can find him on Brighteon. Alex Jones is another outlet.

  26. According to Mark-Kishon Christopher, there is no virus. Coronavirus is nothing more then the common cold. He should know, he is a Global-Chief-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge &: Plenipotentiary-Judge, among other things. See his latest YT vids;

  27. What this story fails to point out, and this is central to this tragedy, is that the child didn’t “volunteer” all on her own. This required a parents approval. Someone who either encouraged or approved of this evil.. And THAT right there is who is to blame.

  28. She is 13…in no way is she able to make a decision like that…her parents did… politics again

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