Massive Clots found in Cadavers Around the Globe (Podcast)

We dig into reports of giant, mystery clots being found in cadavers around the world with two men who are witnessing and tracking the phenomenon.

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3 thoughts on “Massive Clots found in Cadavers Around the Globe (Podcast)”

  1. Hello Sharyl. I like your show, discussing topics that mainstream media won’t touch.
    Watched most of your show last night on the “clots” found in cadavers that had Covid and the shots. The assumption was that the shots caused the clots. But, was there a similar group of Covid cadavers that did NOT get the shots, i.e. a control group? I didn’t see it, I may have missed it. Without a control you can’t blame the shots. Maybe the control group also had the clots. C. Simmons Rochester, NY

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