(POLL) US spends too much taxpayer money on foreign aid

Congress just passed a $95 billion foreign aid bill, but most voters say the government is spending too much to help other countries.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports. The survey finds that 57% of likely voters say they believe, in general, the government spends too much for foreign aid.

Ten percent (10%) say the US doesn’t spend enough on foreign aid, while 23% say the amount is about right.

The bill includes $60 billion in additional US tax money for Ukraine. 

Forty-seven percent (47%) of voters say that’s too much, while 20% say they believe the amount of Ukraine aid is not enough and 24% say they think the amount is about right. Another 10% say they are not sure.

The foreign aid bill also includes $17 billion for Israel. Thirty-eight percent (38%) say they believe that’s too much, while 16% say they think the amount of aid to Israel is not enough and 33% say it’s about right.

Fourteen percent (14%) say they are not sure.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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1 thought on “(POLL) US spends too much taxpayer money on foreign aid”

  1. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    A vast majority in the USA do not want more war. Sending billions of dollars to Ukraine is not what USA citizens want. So, sending billions $$ to another country to fight off a third country is a cowardly act. If the people in the USA want to fight Russia or anyone else, the politicians must listen to the voters and act accordingly. Run away spending is a failed policy and will only cause more war and unhappiness. When did a proxy war result in anything positive? If the people in the USA want to fight, then let it be done. If not, stop taking food and education dollars out of the mouths of USA children. If yes, tell the troops to pack their bags and let’s get it on.

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