(NEW) 5 leading causes of preventable, premature deaths in US

The CDC has issued a new report on leading causes of preventable, premature deaths in the US.

According to the report, from 2010–2022, there was an increase in preventable, premature deaths among those under age 80 when it comes to unintentional injury such as “poisoning including drug overdose, unintentional motor vehicle traffic crash, unintentional drowning, and unintentional fall,” and stroke.

The report says there was a decrease in cancer and chronic lower respiratory disease (CLRD).

The rate of deaths due to heart disease was unchanged.

According to CDC, four of the five leading risk factors for premature death are more prevalent in rural areas: using tobacco, obesity, physical inactivity, and drinking alcohol, or drinking in excess.

The five leading preventable causes of premature death, according to CDC are: cancer, unintentional injury (including opioid overdoses and car accidents), heart disease, stroke, and Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease (CLRD).

Percentages of preventable premature deaths in the most rural counties were consistently higher than in the most urban counties when it comes to the top five causes of death.

The CDC reports that overall, preventable premature deaths from stroke decreased from 2010 to 2013, remained constant from 2013 to 2019, and then increased in 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Both Covid and the Covid vaccines have been associated with strokes.

Sharp increases in preventable premature deaths from unintentional injury, heart disease, and stroke were observed in 2020, according to CDC.

Highlights from CDC below:

Preventable early deaths from the five leading causes are more common among Americans living in rural communities

  • The percentage of preventable early deaths caused by unintentional injuries and stroke increased, cancer and chronic lower respiratory disease decreased, and heart disease remained stable, compared with previous years. Researchers found that Americans living in rural counties still had a higher percentage of preventable early deaths for each of the five leading causes than those living in urban counties.
  • These findings can help guide local public health interventions to reduce risks of early death, while also highlighting the need to understand and address underlying social, environmental, and structural inequities contributing to the differences between rural and urban areas. Public health practitioners can help by implementing population-based prevention strategies such as safe opioid prescribing, screening for high blood pressure, and increasing cancer prevention and early detection.
  • Early deaths are those that occurred among people aged 79 and younger. CDC researchers analyzed national mortality data from 2010-2022 to determine the extent of these gaps. Researchers calculated the percentage of cause-specific preventable early deaths in rural and urban counties and assessed changes over time.
  • We know that while no two rural communities are alike, many face similar health challenges, all of which can lead to poor health outcomes and early death. To address these challenges, CDC scientists and experts are working to better understand health in rural areas by analyzing data and sharing results and recommended action. 

Link: bit.ly/ss7302a1  

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6 thoughts on “(NEW) 5 leading causes of preventable, premature deaths in US”

  1. Leading cause of death is abortion. Why do they refuse to acknowledge this?
    Iatrogenic causation is right up there too. Not a complete reporting of causes of death. Why.

  2. And the most successful killer of younger people (excess deaths) is the US Govt pushing poisonous shots that they rebranded as safe vaccines. Can no longer trust those doctors at the CDC or WHO or any other govt corrupted group.

  3. The cdc is corrupt and has been for quite a few years…I hope that the new regime in 2024 will dismantle the cdc,fda,nih and rebuild these organizations…..It wood be great if RFK as president and Ron Desantis as VP were in office.. They have respect for our flag and the constitution and what they stand for ( WE THE PEOPLE )These two men would do some serious ass kicking.. This is a time for unity against the evil in our country. “Together we stand”

  4. Is cancer, heart disease, stroke etc considered preventable because “Big Pharma” says so? Over half a century behind me, most in healthcare has me believing theres way more we don’t know than will ever know. As said above abortion is the #1 preventable killer!

  5. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Re: the P R I M A R Y reason people get sick

    Heritable I.Q. determines
    survival among humans,
    G E N E R A L L Y—and
    some good luck may help,
    somewhat ( Karma ? ).

    High I.Q. folks are M O R E
    aware of their health—as it
    relates to threats/factors
    within their ever-shifting

    In any case, hospitalizations
    are the FOURTH leading cause
    of deaths—by factors/conditions
    which are U N R E L A T E D
    to the REASON for being

    That is : badly trained doctors and/
    or staff; mismanagement of DRUGS,
    mis-prescribed :
    and rooms/objects/hands
    contaminated with DEADLY
    anti-biotic-resistant germs.

    See URL at
    bottom of
    this post,
    about deadly
    “ c. aurus “ :



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