Hard-to-find 2020 election fraud stories and links

It is easy to find one side of the story when it comes to allegations of 2020 election fraud, but not so easy to get details regarding the other side of the story.

Below, you will find a variety of links to stories and information that is not being widely reported in some press circles. Too often, reporters and analysts are making incorrect claims and conclusions in their reporting, and are weighing in as if advocates rather than presenting factual information and differing views.

As you peruse the links below, it’s left to you, as always, to assess the information and decide for yourself what to think. The goal here is simply to make accessible material that powerful interests are trying to censor.

Please note that depending on when you read this, some of the news links or material may be outdated so be sure and continue searching for your own information to stay current.

Updated Sept. 26, 2021: Maricopa Co. audit flags 57k votes in a state Biden won by fewer than 11k votes

Most significant claims of problems and fraud in 2020 election

Watch: Georgia state senate hearing Dec. 30

Read: “The Immaculate Deception” Peter Navarro’s report on election fraud, Dec. 18

Read: Wisconsin Supreme Court decision against people voting without ID as “indefinitely confined” due to coronavirus, Dec. 14

Read: Fireeye analysis of international SolarWind cyberhacking event, Dec. 14

Watch: Michigan election observer says court is keeping Dominion machine forensic audit secret, Dec. 11

Read: SCOTUS decision denying Texas case, Dec. 11

Read: Lin Wood’s petition to Supreme Court

Watch: George State House election security hearing, Dec. 10

Read: Georgia county says it cannot certify election results due to Dominion machine issues but Secretary of State certifies, anyway

Watch: “Dominion voting machine flaws” VIDEO

Read: Trump asks Supreme Court to intervene in Texas case, Dec. 9

Read: Texas Supreme Court 2020 election case, Dec. 8

Read: Texas asks Supreme Court to stop certain states from certifying electors, Dec. 8

Read: Texas sues 4 other states in 2020 election case

Read: Arizona Supreme Court to hear Republican claims, Dec. 7

Read: Penn. judge says Republicans likely to prevail in election lawsuit challenging state outcome

Arizona Legislature Calls for Immediate ‘Forensic Audit’ of Dominion Voting Machines, Dec. 4

Landmark Legal Foundation is supporting U.S. Representative Mike Kelly’s challenge to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s “outrageous conduct both before and after last month’s presidential election” involving “a mail in voting scheme that plainly violated the Pennsylvania Constitution.”

Read: Landmark Legal Foundation brief, Dec. 4

Read: Letter from 70+ members of Penn. legislature asking Congress to reject the state’s electors, Dec. 4. 

Read: Wisconsin lawsuit filed by Sidney Powell Dec. 3

Georgia Senate hearing on election fraud, Dec. 3

Amistad Project news conference with allegations about election fraud

Watch: Video in Georgia of poll workers allegedly pulling out four ballot-filled suitcases and counting the ballots unobserved, Dec. 3 hearing

Watch: President Trump’s news conference Dec. 2

Lin Wood, Sidney Powell news conference in Georgia Dec. 1

Watch: Arizona GOP hearing on election fraud, Dec. 1

Read: Penn. Sen. Mastriano pushes for legislation to vacate state its certification of the election 11/27

Listen: President Trump’s 11/25 comments to Pennsylvania hearing

Full Pennsylvania hearing (mentioned above) 11/25

Nevada judge allows Trump to present evidence of fraud 11/25

Read: Penn. judge blocks state from finalizing election results until. hearing Friday 11/27 on Republican claims

Read: Federal judge authorizes subpoena to collect evidence and reported video in Georgia

Declaration alleging improprieties in Georgia

REPORT: Alleged example of vote switch in real time on TV

Affidavit from mathematician Steven Miller

Statistical analysis of NYT data shows Biden gains lead in increments of 4,300

Nov. 19, 2020 Giuliani-Powell news conference

JustTheNews.com: Math professor flags up to 100,000 ballots

The Epoch Times: Dominion Voting Systems is a no show at Pennsylvania hearing

Newstalk1130: Disability service coordinator blows whistle on vote fraud in group homes

Epoch Times: Wisconsin elections commission agrees to order partial recount

Epoch Times: Arizona governor won’t accept election results yet

Read below Affidavit: “500 ballots in a row for Biden in Georgia”


Epoch Times: Georgia monitor catches 9626 vote error

Watch Tweet below: Floyd County, Georgia video doesn’t inspire confidence”: Missing batches 1-10


Both GOP board members said their concerns included there were discrepancies in nearly three quarters of Detroit’s precincts poll books where ballots are supposed to be matched to qualified voters.

Full story at Just The News links below

JustTheNews.com: Michigan election board republicans say they were bullied

Epoch Times: Georgia recounts fitnesses saw Trump votes counted for Biden

Gateway Pundit: Detroit voter fraud witness describes election night chaos

Epoch Times: Two charged with voter fraud allegedly submitted 8,000 fraudulent registration applications

Epoch Times: Hundreds of Republican voters say they returned mail-in ballots that data says don’t exist

Link to Vendor Guide showing how Dominion voting machine tabulation works

Guide showing how election files are loaded

Epoch Times: Third Georgia county finds memory card with uncounted votes two weeks after election

American Thinker: DATA ANALYSIS: Biden’s Great Leap Forward: A split second in Wisconsin

Link to NYT elections database below:


WATCH: Interview with whistleblower re: alleged election fraud in Detroit

Trump gets twice as many votes as Biden in “found” Georgia votes

Second Georgia county “discovers” hundreds of uncounted votes

JusttheNews.com: Michigan residents swear to what they witnessed

Watch: Undercover Georgia recount video alleging fraud

Million MAGA rally in DC

While we’re at it:

Anti-lockdown protests across Europe

Anti-lockdown rallies Denmark

More foreign protests

Liverpool protests against lockdowns

Britons objection to mandatory vaccination and here

INTERVIEW WITH Plandemic’s David Martin with RFK Junior

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147 thoughts on “Hard-to-find 2020 election fraud stories and links”

  1. Vijay Vaidyanathan

    Sharryl – you are a shining beacon of light. I have stopped watching and reading all other news channels. The media is so corrupt. They have sacrificed their objectivity and principles at the altar of hatred for one person.

    1. Hi Sarah
      I stopped watching media when I was 10 years old. I asked my my mother “why is the news always bad? There are good things they can report.” So I never drank the kool-aid. I am trying to finish my art book and film “Essence of an Artist: Follow YOUR Dream. … about FREE thinking individualism, and my charity Art for Healing NYC Int’l org. 20 this year.

  2. I heard you on Eric Metaxas Show. I really enjoyed it. I looked up your articles and videos and have watched and shared a few. That’s all fair minded American’s want. Fair and balanced coverage and the truth wherever it leads. Thank you for being a REAL journalist.

  3. Dear Sharyl
    I am 64 yrs old, and have been politically “aware” since Jimmy Carter was elected President. I leaned right even back then at age 18, as opposed to most of my friends, who were more to the left. We had our conversations, over a few Beers, but never let it become nasty or threaten our friendship. There is something different going on these days. I believe their is a spiritual battle taking place in the world. There always has been, but it has been ratcheted up to the breaking point. This can’t continue. I believe Jesus Christ is about to return to take his church,(true Believers) out of this world, before the final 7 years of human history, ends this world as we know it, and Christ begins His eternal reign. No, I’m not crazy. Any Bible student knows the Book of Revelation states all of this. My point is that it’s gotten very ugly and dangerous. This isn’t just your garden variety political disagreement, this rioting, and burning buildings, and hating America etc. This can’t continue, without the country collapsing. And it pains me to say it is going to.. Even non believers, say to me “There is a different feeling in the world these days. They are right. Christ’s return is very close. Are you ready? Have you asked Christ into your heart, to forgive you for all of your sins, and be Lord of your life? God Love you Sheryl for your honest reporting.
    Christ loves you very much.
    God Bless

    1. I love your comment. I am a 27 yr old mom of two and I resonate with my political views not being in line with peers (I know MANY young Christians who voted for abortion promoting and religious freedom robbing Biden/Harris). I too think Jesus is returning very soon! In the summer of 2019 at womens Bible study, I shared about how I didnt have a reason, but I felt like Jesus might return in my lifetime and I am very confident he will return in my childrens lifetime… Many women felt uncomfortable, but one sweet young girl honestly told me that the idea scared her and when I asked her why we had a great convo about the joy of Christ’s return. She told me now she was going to read Revelation. I never followed up to find out if she did because I gave birth to my daughter and my husband left me for another woman (he also didnt like it when I talked about revelation and Christ’s return). I believe Satan knows his time is short and is starting his attack on the body of Christ. Rev 12:12!

      1. Patrick and Jackie both: I am a lifelong Democrat, and no conservative could be more passionate (but nonviolent) about his or her beliefs than I am. So let’s assume that both you and I are sincere.
        (1) What i have been completely unable to fathom is how any person who is a Christian could vote for Trump, a man who on every level is greedy, unscrupulous, and vindictive. Even not considering separating babies from parents as a deliberate cruelty (he admitted he did it for deterrence), he tries to destroy anyone who disagrees with him at all; he lies (provably) every day about everything, he has gutted programs to help the poor, he favors rich polluters over people trying to save the Earth and other people from being poisoned, etc.
        Christianity, on the other hand, from its inception has told us that pursuit of money above all else is evil, and that our duties to others — including those not part of our “tribe” — are kindness and compassion (remember the Good Samaritan). There is no individual in America less inclined to the above than Trump; every single decent person (unless, like you, they care ONLY about abortion) loathes him. How can you overlook this?
        One last comment to Patrick about “hating America”. We liberals love America. That’s why we protest when we think the country is taking or has taken actions against it’s stated ideals (“…liberty and justice for all.”) If your child does something wrong, you correct him or her; obviously that does not mean you “hate” your child; on the contrary, you are trying to teach him or her the difference between right and wrong.
        When a football player kneels during the National Anthem, he is not hating America. He is saying: “Hey, what about us? Why are so many Americans NOT treated justly?” He is saying: You say you believe in justice, why are so many groups of people (specifically African Americans) treated unjustly?
        If your answer is: “law enforcement will protect you” think again. Of the many many shootings of unarmed African Americans that occur each year, almost all of them, even when there is video of their crime, are exonerated by juries. What would you do if you were treated thus?
        If we (liberals) see that many people are not being treated justly, we protest, as is our Constitutional right. If you believe in justice, you should as well. I am not condoning looting or other violence. But if you do a little reading, you will see that only a tiny proportion of the protestors became violent. While I do not ever condone violence, I believe the role of law enforcement is to stop the violent ONLY, not the peaceful protestors.

        1. Mary Sue: You are watching too much CNN. Sorry, the facts are not with you. Just read some of the articles from Sharyl related to President Trump. I assume you know Sharyl is a real journalist.

          1. I agree with you that Sheryl is a real journalist! To a tee!
            I watched “Full Measure” until CBS took it off the air! From then on, I have only listened to Sheryl and our President Trump!
            I believe he was cheated in this election, and that the whole election process should be redone, and only include in person voting!!!!!

        2. Get over your TDS. “greedy, unscrupulous, and vindictive”? Trump is losing money everyday that he is president. What has he done that is vindictive? He has been attacked constantly since day 1 of his election.

          What programs has he “gutted” that would help the poor?

          Maybe you should do some research about justice in the USA. According to the Washington Post, between 2015 and 2018, nearly twice as many white people were killed by police than black people. Don’t remember stores being looted and set on fire in protest.

          Where were you when the “cages” were built during the Obama presidency. And let’s not forget the under Obama, the USA invaded 5 countries killing thousands of innocent civilians. Trump has tried to end the wars in the middle east but has been “resisted” by you liberals.

        3. You are still a fool! 1st Obama built those cages and started the separation of children. 2nd do you ever read the true news or a typical sucker that watches fake news? They separate children til they prove they are the real parents? How do you not know this if you are even speaking on it? The percentage of child smugglers crossing the border with a stolen child is a lot higher than them actually crossing with their real parents… Religious people don’t turn their back on good people because all of those things you say Trump is… in fact most humans sad to say have those same feelings. But what the man continues to do for the USA is way more important including saving babies from abortion at 9 months, the sex trafficking policies he put in place and everything else… You tried to start to sound reasonable but as soon as you started telling lies by the media, you proved to be another sad American fooled by the propaganda the deep state has fed you.

        4. Also Trump lies everyday? So you actually think all those fools haven’t lied to you and Americans for several of years? You believe Biden? Lol. He had no idea he son worked for Barisma? What about Harris who isn’t even black – she’s a DR & Indian. No black in her. Her father is mad at her for that. What about lying Pelosi? You actually think the hair salon set her lying butt up or Pelosi does what she wants & not let’s the people do. What those other turds pushing the fake Russian hoax with no evidence for 3 years – those corrupt dems on the senate & in the house Schiff and the other low life loser. Than Obama Bin Laden the most corrupt President in our history spying on Trump , letting is crook friend Hilary get away with Treason, and finally he had the most corrupt Agencies in our history by letting the most corrupt FBI, CIA and the rest set up good people, lying to try to get Trump ( still didn’t work) and continue to lie. You are a fool and advise you to give up on politics if you are this easily fooled and get your facts by the corrupt, fake, and pro Ganda pushing media, big tech, and celebrities… I hope God bless you! I’m very sadden for you and you are so gullible.

        5. Mary Sue, I agree that the facts are not with you (another comment) but what I really want to know is how do you define social justice? How will you know when we get there? What behaviors (and thoughts?) will be allowed and who will be the Deciders Am
          and the Punishers?

        6. Mary Sue, ‘greedy’ people don’t give up their billionaire lifestyle, and give their Presidential salary to charity, Not to mention, all the things he’s done for black communities, hispanics & veterans.. All Americans really, which is why he’s loved. Trump has sacrificed so much only to be attacked mercilessly & relentlessly by MSM, politicians, celebrities, and by people like you who get their information from fake news media & regurgitate the lies. Do your research, get rid of that bias, which is based on hatred, a powerful emotion & created by MSM. That’s what isn’t Christian, perpetuating lies.

        7. Your comments are the exact problem we face. If all of what you said was true then yes, Trump would be horrible. The reality is that almost none of what you said is factual.

        8. I love the “how could any Christian vote for Trump?” argument. It could easily be followed with “how could any Christian vote Democrat?”

          Here’s a small list taken from clashdaily.com.

          Trump didn’t just notice the “rubes in flyover country” that were dismissed by Democrats, RINOs, and the Media(D)–he championed those God-loving, gun-clinging, flag-waving American patriots.
          America comes first rather than China, or some third-world hellhole.
          Trump doesn’t think that America sucks worse than an airplane toilet like those on the Left do.
          They hate the flag, the anthem, the Constitution, and our Founders.
          The “woke” leftists have ruined sports with their radical Marxist bollocks.
          The Democratic party isn’t keen on God.
          Democrats and other leftists are anti-cop and anti-military.
          They are pro-censorship of views they disagree with.
          He’s been great for the economy by slashing taxes and regulations, renegotiated trade deals, and wages have gone up while unemployment went down.
          He’s unapologetically protected the rights of the unborn.
          The Trump administration has fought for religious liberty and the right to assemble.
          The Right To Try Law.
          Border security.
          Forcing allies to pay their “fair share” for defense.
          Rebuilding the military.
          Killing Islamic terrorists.
          Supreme Court Justices.
          School choice.
          Peace in the Middle East.
          Promises made, promises kept, baby!

          We don’t vote for the man as a personality. He’s a smug New Yorker, which many of us in flyover country detest. But he has accomplished a lot despite fighting personal and hoax political attacks.

          God doesn’t use people who are only believers. Scripture has many stories of people who don’t believe in God, or who are massive sinners (take King David, for instance).

        9. Orthodox Christian here, ex-Democrat recently (was kicked out, I felt, officially, by Bernie and then unofficially again by another prominent name I can’t remember right now due to quotes that “pro-lifers can no longer be Democrats”).

          I voted for a write-in Catholic party in 2016 that was composed of fellow Monarchists. I convinced 3% of the votes the party received overall to vote for it (to be fair, there were only a few hundred, this is a favorite joke of mine). In truth, I’m a Rome-friendly Orthodox Christian who became monarchist and gave up the American system after witnessing politics from 2015 to now, particularly the unchecked nature of a free media that developed into a North Korea-level machine anyway.

          I voted Trump in 2020 even though I refused to do this in 2016, for many of the reasons you mentioned. He wh*red out a good Catholic woman in lieu of fixing the situation with the wife of his youth. At the very least, he failed to take advantage of the wrong headed – but still apostolically loosed – situation in the Assyrian, Oriental or Eastern Orthodox Communions for proving a valid divorce as given by Paul and Christ, and then getting a shaky, non-sacramental marriage recorded for his allowed second and final third time, through official Church channels of some sort, though I strongly suspect that Rome is the correct one of all of us on this matter in the first place.

          But personal lives sometimes still can be bad while their leaders good, and vice versa, even though personal sin does tend to translate to sin in rulership without the hand of God’s grace to hold it aside. Trump is a proud capitalist, riding the same system that allowed some of the worst evil the world has ever seen in the Robber Barons, the East India Companies and now Big Tech and Big Media turning into a North Korea-like ideologically tilted machine, a natural monster arising in the middle of a true free market by Constitutional principle rather than a forced government machine propagated by Hellbound Fascist or Communist ideologues. In the midst of this mess, Trump has emerged as almost a clownish but still true master of the art – his genius in it goes without mention, and his ruthlessness and lack of attention to Biblical and Traditional precept is well-known (James 5:7, Jude v. 7).

          I now believe in duties (a la Ben Shapiro) as the foundational principle over rights, duties as defined by our response to God’s Law – which we are no longer bound to in sin, but still bound to in action regardless, excepting those ceremonial laws that Christ eternally fulfills on His own for all mankind.

          In short, the years since 2015 turned me into a newt, and I didn’t get better. I no longer even believe in the American political system. On my Facebook wall I called out that the fraud would be coming, with the bulk of it from unchecked foreign globalists and big-tech companies and news corporations all working together to guard the abortion lobby. Not even my prediction saw how bad things actually got – from the Arbery false start to the well-manipulated Floyd murder (a murder so curated from its full context that a mural still stands on the street corner in Minneapolis/St. Paul today even after the truth escaped the media censors and “fact checkers”) all the way to the lies about HCQ’s affect on Covid due to one Presidential comment and the need to use that comment for election leverage that cost so many lives of people that could have lived with the medication, to the cries of racist racist antisinist that I heard when I was wearing masks in February amidst lies from Slouchi and the WHO about their ineffectiveness, lies that were, for the first time, admitted and justified openly without any sorrow or acceptance of accountability when it came time to begin mistreatment of people for not wearing them directly after that small mistreatment period for people wearing them. Throughout it all, the science was well-known – the particulate capability of the still-available N-95’s at the time had been well-tested, as had the size of the virus falling well into the range of this testing, and the publication of good practices needed to maintain this guardianship.

          But the Left insisted on Sinophobia and lies early on, from masks to the disease itself, even rolling out the words conspiracy theory for its origin and spread from China with one of our Congresswomen walking around openly in Chinese new year celebrations (without a mask). The quick changeover to the abusive regime we have today – the Leftist nanny system which became quickly the central cause of the shift of the Right from listening to its prepper nuts like me (who can’t really even fit into the modern political Right anyway) to coming up with retroactive reasons to rebel against the obvious avenue for punishing Trump voters and setting up Trump as a fool that this whole thing became quickly – was backed by “following science” that was already plainly there and following a media that had long since descended into regarding the Left as fact and the Right as incorrect, instead of the previous milieu of particular political views as one choice among many.

          This all is what broke me, from Trump himself to the circus he caused, but as you can see, it was the LEFT, NOT the Right, not even under Trump, that finally broke me even of my beliefs in the American system.

          I am in moral and ethical disgust of the Right; the Left, however, frightens me. My dictatorship never arrived as promised by the Right, but shades from DiBlasio, Wittmier and Newsom show that the Leftist one is about to enact from either Biden or, far worse, from our upcoming Vice President.

          And the rapid movement of Wall Street and Big Business to the Left that supports their global aims, to the shifting of Main Street to the Right for some defense – any defense – from this terror and horror, gave me only one choice in 2020. The abortion machine now not even seen as a “sad necessity” by the Left, but something to “shout” on Twitter, something to kick pro-Life Dems out of the party forever, made me vote Trump for the first time ever in 2020.

          And I was proud of my choice and would do it again, and again, and again, if I had it to live over. Now, if you pardon me, I have Confession to go make.

        10. Hello Mary Sue. I did not write the following passage. I took from a woman’s website. I believe it provides a different and better perspective. My impression is that you have been watching to much CNN or MSNBC.

          Not open for debate, I have listened to everyone else’s hatred and rheotoric for months, now I am having my day. Don’t like it? You know where the delete button is…

          Let me be clear, I am not a Biden fan at all. He is corrupt, a liar, suffering from dementia and in my opinion a pedophile. He has done nothing to improve anything in 47/48 years in politics.
          I truly believe Biden is just the stepping stone for Kamala Harris to take over the White House. Nancy Pelosi is already trying to put a 25th amendment in place to remove an unfit president. I don’t believe that has a thing to do with Trump having Covid. I think that’s to remove Biden if elected for dementia and Harris to take over.

          “This is my opinion so don’t bother to bash it, I haven’t bashed yours!!!!!!!!”
          SLIDE ON BY!!!!!!!!!

          The clown in the White House just brokered two Middle East Peace Accords, something that 71 years of political intervention and endless war failed to produce.

          The buffoon in the White House is the first president that has not engaged us in a foreign war since Eisenhower.

          The clown in the White House has had the greatest impact on the economy, bringing jobs, and lowering unemployment to the Black and Latino population of ANY other president. Ever.

          The buffoon in the White House has exposed the deep, widespread, and long-standing corruption in the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the Republican and Democratic parties.

          The buffoon in the White House turned NATO around and had them start paying their dues.

          The clown in the White House neutralized the North Koreans, stopped them from developing a further nuclear capability, sending missiles toward Japan, and threatening the West Coast of the US.

          The clown in the White House turned our relationship with the Chinese around, brought hundreds of business back to the US, and revived the economy. Hello!!!!!!!

          The clown in the White House has accomplished the appointing of three Supreme Court Justices and close to 300 Federal Judges.

          This same clown in the White House lowered your taxes, increased the standard deduction on your IRS return from $12,500 for Married Filing Joint to $24,400 and caused your stock market to move to record levels over 100 times, positively impacting the retirements of tens of millions of citizens.
          The clown in the White House fast-tracked the development of a COVID Vaccine – it will be available within weeks – we still don’t have a vaccine for SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola, or a host of diseases that arose during previous administrations.

          The clown in the White House rebuilt our military which the Obama administration had crippled and had fired 214 key generals and admirals in his first year of office.

          This clown in the White House uncovered widespread pedophilia in the government and in Hollywood, and is exposing world wide sex trafficking of minors and bringing children home to their families.

          The clown in the White House works for free and has lost well over 2 billion dollars of his own money in serving – and done all of this and much more in the face of relentless undermining and opposition from people who are threatened because they know they are going to be exposed as the criminals that they are if he is re-elected.

          I got it, you don’t like him. Many of you utterly hate and despise him. How special of you. He is serving you and ALL the American people. What are you doing besides calling him names and laughing about him catching the China virus ?????

          And please educate me again as to what Biden has accomplished for America in his 47 years in office?
          Besides the Whole Biden Family getting Richer, while turning backs on all Americans!
          I’ll take a ‘clown’ any day versus a fork tongued, smooth talking hypocritical corrupt liar. Please let it be known, I am not sure I would want to have a beer with him (if he drank, which he doesn’t) or even be his friend. I don’t care if I even like him. I want a strong leader who isn’t afraid to kick some ass when needed. I don’t need a fatherly figure – I already have one. I don’t need a liar – that’s what Hollywood and CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and the New York Times are for.

          I don’t need someone to help me, but I also don’t want an obstacle or a demented, senile washed-up Swamp Monster.
          God bless Donald Trump – the most unappreciated President in history.

          1. Ellen and Sharyl,

            You correctly write :

            “ I got it, you don’t like him. Many of you utterly hate and despise him. How special of you. He is serving you and ALL the American people. What are you doing besides calling him names and laughing about him catching the China virus ?????”

            Here is why they don’t like Trump—why they HATE him :

            In my study of brain hemisphere dichotomies, Trump represents the left-hemisphere LOGICAL side of the brain (( the RULES maker. / the RATIONAL masculine, which can see danger in having too much fun )).

            The Trump-haters relate to him from the right-hemisphere EMOTIONAL side of the brain (( the RULES breaker / the EMOTIONAL feminine, which wishes to have “just have fun” )).

            From about the time women got the vote, the West became more and more anti-rules and more decadent in social matters—entering an age I have termed : an Age of Emotionalism (( from my 1987 report, “The Donahue Syndrome” )).

            Trump is FATHER in the home while Pelosi is MOTHER in the home.

            From the beginning of humans’ self-awareness, that line describes an internal male vs, female conflict, projected outward onto the world—to reveal the combatants in all extant politics—and in the HOME


        11. “If we (liberals) see that many people are not being treated justly, we protest, as is our Constitutional right.”

          Your right to protest comes from The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America. The Constitution says the Union of States government can’t stop you because We the People with held that power.

      2. There are different views of Revelation and end times. I am a biblical conservative (reformed). You should consider the post millennial view. Jesus is renewing all of creation and will come back as the victorious reigning King at the 2nd coming along with the general resurrection and the final judgment will follow and then we will dwell in the new heaven and new earth and we will always be with the Lord.

    2. God Bless you ! Touch and agree ! Jesus didn’t send them out one by one but two by two ! When the enemy comes I. Like a flood he sets up a standard and break through ! He coming soon !
      Revival !

    1. Dare not question anyone’s love for Christ by whom they vote for. What has been going on in the dark will soon come to light. When it doesn’t, MANY will be choking on their “opinions” when they’re making their way back up. Having insider information, I can honestly tell you that NOTHING is as it seems, nothing. When all is made public, many of you will lose whatever you last consumed, or you will turn a blind eye. Which, by the way, is considered acceptance. Be very careful where you place your loyalty. Mine are as follows: *God
      *The Great State of Texas
      I do my OWN research, I do NOT rely on the MSM in ANY way. They’re owned by those who don’t have America’ or her people’s best interest at heart. They “report” on what they WANT you to believe, not what is fact. To those who say you’re free thinkers, yet hate Trump, which is very NON-CHRISTIAN, are exhibit A.

  4. May a Chief Justice LAWFULLY swear-in the felon-in-waiting, Biden, while PRIMA FACIE evidence of his felony is on video ?

    On that video record, Biden admits to effecting a bribe, using taxpayers’ money, in order to halt a criminal investigation of his son—in a no-one-can-touch-me!, President-Obama-signed-off-on-it!, bragging manner.

    The funds were released, after his FELONIOUS order was effected.

    – just asking –


    1. When has a democrat been held accountable for anything?
      Go back to Philadelphia, past election ” issues.”
      Black activists with baseball bats at polling locations.
      Eric holder saw no voter intimidation!

      1. The saddest & scariest thing about all of this. The crooks do whatever they want and always have. When people are in it for the money & power that’s how it is… it’s been corrupting the USA for too long and is just too deep. That’s why true patriots love Trump because he fights for the Country and the people. He knows the corruption and has been doing everything to get rid of its fake power.

      1. RAM~ PLEASE clarify your statement.

        Are you claiming to be a Chief Justice and saying you would swear in someone to the highest public office in this country knowing they were a criminal?

        Or, are you saying you would hold a criminal Democrat accountable?

  5. Thank you for this. There’s been so much information it can be overwhelming. What are we supposed to think? We have ‘mainstream media’ discounting all of these claims, but I can’t imagine people perjuring themselves in a sworn affidavit. We’ve all seen the left try for 4 years to get Trump out; it’s hard to believe these claims have no merit. It feels like we’re living in an alternate universe.

  6. Sharyl missed a lot of reports about the Dominion Voting machines and the Smartmatic software. And the history of these in fraudulent elections in South and Latin America.. That is where the big fraud occurred.

  7. As with its dismissal of Hunter Biden’s questionable business dealings, the MSM’s utter lack of curiosity regarding possible widespread voter fraud is an appalling dereliction of duty, and – in this case – a serious threat to the future integrity of our elections, and hence our entire Constitutional order.

    Not only is there a lack of curiosity, but an overt hostility to anyone who raises these issues, and a refusal to consider any evidence that is offered, along with demands for censorship of any such claims. Sidney Powell et al have yet to make their case in court, and to present all of their evidence, but the evidence provided thus far raises legitimate concerns that should not be dismissed without a full hearing.

    Yet, looking back, every accusation against Trump – Russia collusion and all the rest – was immediately and uncritically trumpeted in the headlines and on every news broadcast. No unfounded accusation was ever censored, and anti-Trump slurs – traitor, N*zi, anti-Semite, dictator, racist, white-supremacist – were common currency.

  8. The best source for the truth and for the latest information ive found is The Gateway Pundit. They have the stories as soon as they break and it has statistical break downs, video evidence etc.

  9. I don’t know that the information is “hard to find,” since I found most or all of it before I saw this article. The piece might have been better titled “helpful” as opposed to “hard to find.”

    But still it’s a good piece, and there should be more of this sort of research listing for those who aren’t curious enough to locate information sources on their own. A good companion piece might be a list of corrections to some of the information in these various sources that turned out to be in error — or a list of updates.

    1. Google voter fraud, or, is the claim of voter fraud real, and see what you get. It is easy to find if you are on pro trump websites and follow links, but if all you do is click Yahoo news links…not so much.

  10. Thank you Sharyl, I have your name in my “Truth List” along with the likes of Chanel Rion and Mollie Hemingway. You’re in good company!

  11. Thank you for the above list. Looks like The Epoch Times is looking to become the paper of record– move over, NYT!.

    There’s a small but terrifc news site called Let’s Fix Stuff, created by former State Senator Patrick Colbeck, who also happens to be one of the witnesses in Detroit who filed an affidavit. Here he explains the Chain of Custody for votes, how it can be broken, and what’s involved in potential remedies. Very clear and eye-opening and I bet even Sharyl might learn something she didn’t know!


    1. Shannon, did CIA steal election :



      “The CIA powerful supercomputer system known as the Hammer with its application Scorecard was deployed to steal the 2020 election from President Donald J. Trump as it was done earlier to help Obama and Biden.

      “Our beloved United States of America is now a Banana Republic. The Dominion Voter Systems with the software of the Smartmatic voting machines from Venezuela were used in 30 states and Puerto Rico to commit massive election fraud.

      “They were assisted by the CIA, crooked poll workers and supervisors, Democratic mayors and governors and leaders of the Marxist Democratic Party in Congress, Big Tech, and the corrupt media, including Fox News.

      Even though the state legislatures have not certified a winner, votes are still being counted and in others recounted. The Trump campaign is in the process of filing . . .”


  12. Thank you for compiling and sharing this list.

    Pathetic main stream media journalism, their total lack of honest, unbiased reporting, yet obvious agreement to act as “Biden/Dem censoring machine”
    has forced most of us in the public to do their own journalism.

    Most of us have completely switched off media (Fox, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS) seek out and maintain our own lists of articles/evidence that shed clearer light on obvious election abnormalities. And share these with family, friends.

    1. Key inputs For your list:

      Here are a few more important links or articles for your list.
      + Proof that 3 US Senators (Democrats) had evidence of Dominion vote swapping:
      Dec 2019 US Congress/Senate LETTER with FACTs of DOMINION VOTE SWITCHING in actual elections and overall security vulnerabilities.
      Signed by Senators Warren (Massachusetts), Klobuchar (Minnesota); Wyden (Oregon); Congressman Pocan (Kenosha,Wisconsin), (go to page 13, para 2)

  13. Above I linked to former MI Senator Patrick Colkbeck’s diagram for chain of custody for votes.
    Here is his testimony before the MI Board of Canvassers explaining why they should not in good conscience certify the vote:
    (contains youtube link to his testimony)

    In his alotted three minutes, Colbeck pointed out discrepancies between the number of registerd voters and the number of people people of voting age. Ann Arbor, for instance, had 114,375 voters registered but shows only 92,222 people of voting age in the records. He estimates there were approx. 300K more votes cast than people eligible to vote in the state.

    In the video, you can see one of the board members ask him if he had brought these election fraud allegations to the attorney general (Dana Nessel). Law professor Jonathan Turley has written about the threats Nessel has made against Colbeck and others who allege election fraud.

    People outside of MI may not know of, frankly, the initimidation racket going on in MI. Earlier this year, in May, Jordan Warnsholz, a physicians assistant, filed a lawsuit in the MI supreme court claiming Gov. Whitmer was illegally using her emergency powers to shut down businesses such as his. (Since the start of the pandemic, Whitmer has issued over 170 executive orders.) Warnsholz was successful in his suit (heard in September) and Whitmer’s orders were found to be unconstitutional, but during that summer, but the governor made life difficult for Warnsholz and his family. In August, he posted this to his FB account:

    I am going public to expose gov Whitmer for extreme criminal abuse of power against me, my wife, my kids, and my businesses.
    Ever since we filed our lawsuit against gov Whitmer (our case will be heard by Michigan’s Supreme Court on September 2nd) she has used her power in office to criminally harass me, my family, and my businesses. The last straw was yesterday- The State of Michigan ordered CPS to perform an EMERGENCY welfare check on my kids bc they claim they received an “anonymous tip” that I had “dangerous weapons” in my home! I had to cancel all of my scheduled appointments yesterday afternoon, rush home and meet a CPS worker who demanded to interrogate my 3 kids and inspect my home. It was traumatizing to all of my kids. It was disgusting. It was another criminal abuse of power by gov Whitmer. Here is a list of ALL the other instances of abuse of power we have endured since filing our lawsuit against gov Whitmer:
    We filed our lawsuit against gov Whitmer on May 5th:
    1) On May 10th (Sunday, Mother’s Day), a DNR officer knocked on my door and told me he was there to serve me my arrest warrant for an infraction that occurred 30 MONTHS PRIOR on 11/22/2017. The “infraction” was actually a WARNING that a DNR officer gave me 2-1/2 years prior for not physically putting my deer tag on my deer that I shot (my deer tag was in my pocket, which I showed the DNR officer). The officer told me to just remember to physically put my deer tag on my deer before I butcher them. Apparently, someone working for the state of MI decided to resurrect the old DNR warning and not just give me the standard $1000 fine, but decided to UP-CHARGE me with “poaching” and ordered that I be thrown in jail for 10 days, a $5,000 fine, multiple misdemeanors, confiscate all of my guns, and revoke my hunting privileges for 6 years!!!
    It is absolutely clear that the absurd charges against me, the 30-month delay, and the timing of our lawsuit against gov Whitmer are all extremely unusual and compelling evidence of harassment.
    2) The State of Michigan smeared my professional reputation by sticking a label of “substandard care” on my PUBLIC medical license record!! The documents provided to support this horrible designation, and reason for such drastic measures was “failure to update my mailing address”. This unfounded smear against my medical license has hurt me personally and professionally. Patients of mine have transferred OUT of my office because my public medical license now shows I’ve been “convicted” of delivering “substandard care”. The state even BACK-DATED this event to “1/22/19”, which is also completely made up.
    3) The state of Michigan on 5/19/20 opened a formal investigation against me after they say that they received an “anonymous” tip that I am practicing medicine under the influence of marijuana and alcohol!! ABSOLUTELY INSANE!! First of all, I do not drink alcohol, and I absolutely do not smoke marijuana! The state of Michigan then demanded that both me and my WIFE hand over our entire personal medical records to the State of MIchigan!! This is a COMPLETE violation of our rights and our privacy! When I refused to do so, the State of MIchigan informed me that I will be charged with even more criminal acts for “obstructing an investigation”. So the State of Michigan is not only trying to intimidate and threaten ME, but now they are also trying to threaten and intimidate my WIFE!! This is absolutely a criminal abuse of power. Also, it was extremely embarrassing to me that the State of Michigan held formal interviews with my employees to question them about if I have ever shown up to work high on marijuana or drunk on alcohol. It was a terrible personal smear against me. ALL of my employees stated emphatically that I have never been intoxicated at work, and informed the state that I also do not even drink alcohol or use marijuana products.
    4) The state of Michigan performed a “random” inspection of our office on July 20th. I spoke with the inspector who came to our office, and he acknowledged that the state really has not been performing inspections the past 4 months due to the pandemic, which makes the timing of this inspection very suspect to me.
    5) On August 26th we were notified that my businesses are being audited by the state of Michigan.
    6) On August 27th the State of Michigan ordered CPS to perform an EMERGENCY “Welfare Check” and interrogations of all 3 of my children because they claim they received an “anonymous tip” that I have “dangerous weapons” in my home.
    As you can see, gov Whitmer has been going out of her way to harrass me personally and professionally ever since filing the lawsuit against her in May. She is using her power to harass, smear, and discredit me and my family. She is using her power to inflict emotional and financial trauma on me, my wife, and now my kids. This is wrong. It has been terribly stressful, it has cost me many thousands of dollars in legal fees to counter the attacks against me. I have missed days at work and both me and my wife, and now my kids, are extremely distressed.
    I would not be surprised if other governors are taking similar actions against critics. Sharyl, you know first-hand about government’s abuse of power. I think Warnsholz’s story, and what’s really beein going on in Michigan, is of potential national interest. Just throwing that story idea out there. ;-)

  14. Thank you for keeping a diary of stories that are not being fully covered and/or suppressed by the national media. The Fake Media and the deep state are running psyops against the entire US population.

  15. Hi Sharyl,
    Thanks for the links, things seem to be disappearing left and right. I clicked on the one for an example of votes being switched “in real time”. But alas, YT says it’s now “Private”. Below is another link (possibly of the same example), that I saw a while back.
    Thanks for all of your work

  16. I can’t believe this is the USA!!! This is stuff we had heard of in all of those poor, corrupt Countries run by dictators and criminal Governments. Sad to see our Country has become just as bad. The main upsetting thing is how so many people don’t see how rigged this election was or even worse don’t care just because they don’t want Pres Trump to win! These people are fools & have know idea what the implications will be for allowing this corruption. If you like the winner or not, true Americans would never be ok with this blatant corruption!

    1. There is little new here. The only difference is that now the American people are treated the same as people in other countries, regarding election interference, coups and propaganda.

  17. I find it hilarious that when Doud Mastriano tweets:
    “There is mounting evidence that the PA presidential election was compromised. If this is the case, under Article II, Section 1.2 of the US Constitution, the state legislature has the sole authority to direct the manner of selecting delegates to the Electoral College. (1):
    Twitter jumps in immediately to say “this claim about election fraud is disputed.”
    If you click twitter’s link, you see “Voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly rare in the US, election experts confirm” with a picture from VOAnews. Voice of America’s whole purpose is to spread American government propaganda around the world. After Smith Mundt was amended to allow propaganda to be aimed at Americans, well, this looks like a perfect example of it.

    Despite Twitter’s reassuring headline (and the unnamed “experts”), there actually is plenty of evidence that fraud exists and has existed for some time, and has been made even easier with electronic voting machines.

    Espectially for readers too young to recall these eariler scandals, here’s a walk down memory lane.

    2000 (Bush/Gore).
    Remember hanging chads? Remember Diebold?
    “A joint study by the California and Massachusetts Institutes of Technology following the 2000 election determined that between 1.5 and 2 million votes were not counted due to confusing paper ballots or faulty equipment. The federal government’s solution to the problem was to pass the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002.”

    The Help America Vote Act seems to have been intended to help America vote *electronically.* Hmm…..

    “One of the law’s stated goals was “Replacement of punch card and lever voting machines.” The new voting machines would be high-tech touch screen computers, but if there’s no paper trail, how do you know if there’s been a computer glitch? How can the results be trusted? And how do you recount to see if the actual votes match the computer’s tally?j”

    “Bev Harris, author of Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century, argues that without a paper trail, these machines are open to massive voter fraud. Diebold has already placed some 50,000 machines in 37 states and their track record is causing Harris, Johns Hopkins University professors and others great concern.
    “Johns Hopkins researchers at the Information Security Institute issued a report declaring that Diebold’s electronic voting software contained “stunning flaws.” The researchers concluded that vote totals could be altered at the voting machines and by remote access. Diebold vigorously refuted the Johns Hopkins report, claiming the researchers came to “a multitude of false conclusions.”

    So we can see there was already a big problem, and plenty of suspicion, in 2000. (My favorite line from the above article:: “[Diebold CEO] O’Dell is on record stating that he is ‘committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President’ this year.” And he did!

    2004 (Bush/Kerry):
    This was the year that Kerry led in all the exit polls, and yet to the consternation of some, and astonishment of many more, Bush won the election.
    Exit polls had been conducted for several years by Edison/Mitofsky.
    The news agencies explained the discrepancy by saying Kerry voters had been over-, and Bush voters under- represented in these polls.
    But a year later, a group of prominent academic statisticians looked at the odds and said, “No Way.”
    “There are statistical indications that a systematic, nationwide shift of 5.5% of the vote may have occurred, and that we’ll never get to the bottom of this, unless we gather the data we need for mathematical analysis and open, robust scientific debate…”
    “The new Edison/Mitofsky report fails to provide any evidence to substantiate the hypothesis that Kerry voters participated in exit polls at a higher rate than Bush voters, or that exit polling errors caused exit polls to favor Kerry by 3% when Bush won the election by 2.5%,” said Kathy Dopp, President, US Count Votes. “The possibility that the overall vote count was substantially corrupted must be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.”

    I remember hearing about that report, and the odds were astronomical, but initially I had trouble finding it.
    Found it here, along with many other interesting studies:

    Here’s the statisticians’ report,

    and yes, the odds of the polls being wrong (and Kerry actually losing) were astronomically small:
    “This information allows us to determine the implied standard deviation for this sample and find what the probability is that the national exit poll would overestimate Kerry’s vote share by 2.7%. The odds of this occurring by chance are one in 16,496,696>”

    So what happened?
    Bev Harris’s website, Black Box Voting, still exists: https://blackboxvoting.org/
    and you can freely download a pdf of her book there.
    She demonstrated how easy it was to hack the vote to then-DNC Chair Howard Dean on national television. It’s no longer possible to find that specific show on youtube, but it did get a little attention:

    It should have been, and remained a huge story, especially after the statistcians’ report, but Howard Dean moved on and his priorities changed, and there didn’t seem to be much appetite in the Democratic party to investigate. Even Kerry didn’t. Why? I wondered then if the Dems actually might find this kind of system useful. What if someone gained popularity within the party they really didn’t like? They’d want to keep that person from gaining speed. I figured someone must have sat on Kerry, and his political viability was at stake. Maybe a payoff later on?….

    2016 (Sanders/Clinton)
    Unless you were a Bernie supporter, you probably didn’t really care that he lost the nomination to Clinton, but the emails Wikileaks exposed showed that the fix was in at the DNC for her even before Bernie began his run. With these “smoking gun” emails, attorneys Jared Beck and Elizabeth Lee Beck, passionate Bernie supporters, sued the DNC for fraud on behalf of Bernie’s contributors. The judge declared they didn’t have standing, and their only remedy was to reform the corrupt party. (Lawyers for the DNC frankly admitted the party could choose whomever they wanted; wishes of the voters did not matter.)
    Jared wrote a book about the suit:
    They are characters for sure, but have a lot of integrity and are fascinating to listen to. (imo).

    Bernie had HUGE crowds at his rallies; Clinton….. did not.
    There is reason to believe machines were fixed to take from Bernie and give to Clinton:

    Given what happened in 2016, I really can’t blame people for their suspicions in 2020.
    And that was well before the election.

    So, readers, who ya gonna believe? Twitter “fact” checkers, or your own lyin’ eyes? ;-)

    Sharyl, thanks for this growing list of links and for including knowledgable citizen journalists. Mainstream media is becoming like Pravda, and those citizens are our Samizdat truth tellers!

  18. Hello Sharyl.

    Thank you for the in the trenches ass kicking old school investigative journalism.

    Thanks for sticking your neck out.

    Give truth a chance.

  19. I read “Slanted” in two days, and even though it is quite current, events before and during the election carried on the journalistic malfeasance she so thoroughly described in the book. First of all, the media squelched the Hunter Biden story before the election, falsely claiming that it had been “debunked” and that it was presented “without evidence.” Suppression of this story alone might have swung the election in Biden’s favor (if indeed the election was not riddled with fraud).

    In fact, no one debunked it, and there was a mountain of evidence, including lengthy testimony and documentation from a man who was a close business associate of the Bidens, and who experienced the events first-hand.

    Then after the election, the media claimed that the Trump team’s accusations of election fraud were presented “without evidence,” despite hundreds of notarized affidavits from election workers and poll workers, and statistical analysis by math and computer experts. The Trump team provided evidence of election law violations in several states, citing specific laws and specific acts which violated those laws.

    In “Slanted,” Sharyl noted that the terms “debunked” and “claimed without evidence” are default positions that the media uses to justify ignoring and even censoring stories which do not fit their prescribed narrative. Meanwhile, stories which fit THEIR narrative (Trump/Russia collusion) are treated as true even when they HAVE been debunked and are put forward with no evidence whatsoever.

    It is too kind to say that the media are “incurious”; in fact, they are actively corrupt.

  20. Hi Sharyl, Sharyl’s readers,
    I attended the Michigan Senate Oversight Cmte hearing yesterday (Dec. 1). The room was full to (covid) capacity, overflow crowds watched from a screen in the capitol building and listened from a speaker outside (where I was). The outside group was about 80; many stood for hours in the cold, waving flags for the committee to see.
    A very charismatic older African American woman was there with us, and during the break led the group in prayer (most joined in; there was actually a group of nuns with “election integrity” signs there at the start! so, a lot of Chirstians, I think). The friend who brought me to the rally said she was Linda Lee Tarver and she’d been active in the GOP for a while.. I only found out later that she was there to testify, and she really blew people away. She has 29 years’ experience in the MI sec. of state’s office and said the urban areas have historically had terrible problems with sloppy elections. The Senators asked what new laws should be passed. “You don’t need new laws. You just need to enforce the laws that are already on the books.” Her testimony was powerful and made it clear that MI’s results cannot be certified; a forensic audit needs to be done. Please watch!
    (youtube in link)
    Another woman said she was sent by a staffing agency as an IT worker for Dominion. This clip doesn’t show it, but she said that Dominion was quite secretive.

    I had very much wished the committtee would have drilled down on this. What do you mean by secretive? Give examples, etc. Crickets. I don’t know how others feel about their elected officials but most of these folks simply aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. And we need sharp, honest people to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Linda Lee Taver schooled ’em, and I hope she testifies to the House committee (today; Guliani is also supposed to be there).

    I saw a reporter from Fox and a man from Epoch Times who introduced himself to us. Otherwise this hearing did not get covered. It infurates me when I see or hear MSM belittle these hearings and dismiss them as lacking evidence.
    I will be curious to see what Project Veritas reveals in the coming week about CNNs “coverage” of the post-election period. The corruption in the news industry is as much a part of the story as the story itself.

    all best,

    1. Back to SQUARE-ONE,
      Shannon and Sharyl :

      Seth Rich had been killed for having used a
      thumb drive—to dump Democrat records into
      an open-access resource.

      Find the Podesta record/email using this term,
      in those records :

      “wetwork,” written

      a few days before Antonin Scalia had been
      found dead—then quickly cremated, without
      benefit of ANY investigation—ALWAYS done
      for high-office political figures in the past.


  21. Sharyl,
    While I applaud you posting all of the election fraud links, why didn’t you give your opinion on it? The liberal media is working to bury this, I’ve watched hours of podcast, read a hundred articles, and the allegations are not only not “conspiracy theories”, they’re downright scary/infuriating. If we let this go, the Left will continue to manipulate elections and destroy this country.

  22. Wow, I just started to review your information, but I posted it on my Twitter and Facebook pages. I usually have, on average, 2-3 people unfriend or drop my Twitter feed. Thank you for supplying all this information. I noted that you didn’t give your opinion on the events with the election. News is supposed to give the facts, not laced with opinions. Thank you, I will form my own opinion, which is what we are supposed to do.

    This is great having all these resources in one spot. It is tough to get good information.

  23. Could you please rereads-post story about postal worker who had his truck of ballots taken. He has accused the USPS and the USPIS of trying to cover it up. I have searched and searched on line and can find nothing. Obviously it has been removed by google search and all other browsers. I am so tired of the real story being removed and hidden.

    1. Try archive.org aka The Wayback Time Machine to find webpages that have been taken down to hide the evidence. You can do an Advanced Search for specific dates or date ranges and specific text on an Archived webpage. Their Archives go all the way back to 1995.

    2. She has included a link in her list, it is the Amistad Project news conference. This driver’s testimony has always struck me, I did this exact job, his description of the circumstance of the work was spot on. In my opinion a journalist could easily follow up on this, there had to have been cameras at the facility, the mail itself is tracked, the workers on duty at the time could be interviewed, the contractor could be questioned. I’m not saying the witness didn’t lie, but he knows he couldn’t just make such a statement without a challenge in the same fashion I just listed, it would be foolish to make up such a lie.

      His story had the ring of truth for certain, and a stunning revelation once it were proven. I have never heard of any followup.

      There are no links regarding Zuckerberg’s voter group, Wisconsin, and the County election supervisor complaining about the Democrat operatives who had the key to the ballot room and took over the election.

  24. May I suggest you archive all sites from this point and link archived records? You can use archive.org or another site archiver to achieve preserving the records and keeping Google or others from deleting the content or the original source changing it.

  25. Sharyl! I remember you early on in Tampa. Always wondered where you were, although I knew you went on to National news. You have done amazing work, proud of you. Thank you for your many efforts in enlightening us and those still in the dark. Thanks for giving us hope and truth! Looking forward to the new book. May God continue to bless you, and God bless America!

  26. I’ve tried three times to post this article to Facebook and three times it has failed. It continues to state that “Something Went Wrong”. Right. Facebook doesn’t want this on their site for people to read because their CEO, as an UNELECTED person, believes he has the power to do censor what we see and read because he is part of Big Tech. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

  27. please tell me you have all these sources backed up somewhere as well?
    Twitter and youtube have already been exhaustively purging a lot of evidence and footage.

  28. There is a big development in Michigan today: Dominion voting machines, when opened up, contain a chip which allows them to connect to the internet (despite Domion’s saying they do not connect to the internet):

    This is part of the ongoing saga in Antrim County, you can read about it here:

    Short timeline:
    November 23, 2020: Complaint was filed by Matt DePerno on behalf of Antrim County resident Bill Bailey. Case 2020-9238 CZ was opened. NOTE: You can follow the status of Case 2020-9238 CZ from the court website.

    December 9, 2020: Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson intervenes on behalf of Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy. By intervening in the case, the MI Secretary of State opened the door to “discovery” regarding the Secretary of State’s role in the Antrim County election.

    March 16, 2021: Subpoenas were issued to the clerks for the following counties: Antrim, Barry, Charlevoix, Grand Traverse, Kent, Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne.

    April 12, 2021: Hearing scheduled to compel recipients of subpoenas to comply with requests.

    June 8-9, 2021: Non-Jury Trial for court case scheduled.

    Would love to see your coverage of this story, Sharyl A. We know legacy media won’t do it.

    all best,

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