The federal govt. isn’t helping, but you can. #Microclots #LongCovid #LongVax

Dr. Jordan Vaughn of the Microvascular Research Foundation and MedHelp Clinics of Birmingham, AL

Click the “Donate” button at the Microvascular Research Foundation or give a tax-deductible donation by clicking this link: Help fund the critical research that stands to impact millions of people.

Independent researchers and physicians are stepping up where our public officials have dropped the ball. However, even with all the billions in federal tax money committed to all kinds of Covid-related matters, there is little-to-none being given to solve the problem of the millions who are now being sickened by the ongoing effects of the spike protein from Covid vaccines and Covid infections.

Symptoms can emerge months or years after infection and vaccination, and can include any one or more of the following symptoms: gastric problems, voice issues, vision or hearing problems, numbness or cold limbs, muscle issues, paralysis, shortness of breath, stroke, heart attack, fatigue, fainting, seizures, myocarditis, tingling, cognitive issues, retina detachment, iliac vein compression, and more.

Some people are being misdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or psychiatric problems when their doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong. Also read below about the emerging iliac vein connection.

Please consider supporting the Microvascular Research Foundation, recently started by Dr. Jordan Vaughn. He and his team are already treating more than 1,000 patients and training hundreds of doctors around the world. Help is possible, but patients are finding their own doctors and regular scans and blood tests, are typically unable to diagnose and treat these new illnesses. You can watch my report on that at “The Clot Factor” link below.

Click the “Donate” button at the Microvascular Research Foundation or donate by clicking this link: More resources are below, plus

From The Microvascular Research Foundation:

Researching pathways to healing.

The Microvascular Research Foundation exists to develop effective, research-based treatment protocols for patients suffering from Long COVID.

Why we’re here

Since 2020, the medical community at large has been baffled by COVID-19 and Long COVID.

In the absence of guidance, many practitioners find themselves unable to grapple with this complicated new disease. Unfortunately, millions of people are now suffering from lingering, debilitating conditions after exposure to the spike protein.

Long COVID doesn’t discriminate and impacts individuals of all ages, genders, and abilities. Those affected are suffering and desperate for help. Patients are tired of being told by doctors that there’s nothing wrong or nothing they can do. 

Compassionate practitioners do exist, but they need expert guidance and support. The goal of the Microvascular Research Foundation is to conduct clinical research to expand access to effective Long COVID treatment and improve patient care.  

Our Research Impact

It all begins with microclots. By understanding the damage these microclots cause to small blood vessels, our research has the potential to impact a host of conditions.


Millions of individuals suffer from extensive, debilitating symptoms following exposure to the spike protein, either through viral exposure or vaccination. Microclots can cause a number of symptoms including postexertional malaise, fatigue, brain fog, shortness of breath, heart rhythm abnormalities, and chronic pain. Effective treatments address these symptoms by eliminating these microclots and restoring patients to health.

Iliac Vein Compression

Iliac vein compression isn’t a new or uncommon condition. But when you introduce microclots, this compressed vein becomes compromised. The result? Decreased blood flow that leads to inflammation, additional clots, urinary urgency, chronic pain, POTS, and difficulty walking. Current treatments are effective, but invasive and costly. We’re hoping to find a better way.

Related Microvascular Diseases

Large blood vessels are easy to research and understand. The microvasculature is more challenging. But chronic diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, Microvascular Cardiac Disease, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s are also impacted by changes in small blood vessels due to microclots. If we can fight microclots in Long COVID, we can fight them in these diseases as well.

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1 thought on “The federal govt. isn’t helping, but you can. #Microclots #LongCovid #LongVax”

  1. The problem in all this that no one recognizes is the HHS agencies involved in the COVID response have not met any Federal records management laws and regulations for nearly two decades. This makes anything they say or do impossible to be proven true or false. And prevents them from being held accountable for anything.

    See the Substack post on my work at the FDA below to understand more.

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