White House Vaccine Petition Now Unfrozen?

Update: on Monday, March 2, after about three days of stagnation, the petition appeared to be restarted with the count increasing by several hundred. Has a White House vaccine choice petition remained mysteriously frozen for more than 36 hours, failing to count new signatures? That’s what those who have tried to add their signatures claim. President […]

Breaking Down the Walls: The Fight for Open Government

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve scheduled our upcoming Freedom of Information conference at the University of Florida: “Breaking Down the Walls: The Fight for Open Government.” The conference will take place Thurs. March 26 and Fri. March 27. National panel discussions will include, “Hitting the Wall: Reports from the Frontline of the FOIA Battlefield,” “Dismantling the […]

Fact Check: Washington Post’s Alyssa Rosenberg’s Errors

A fellow journalist forwarded me a Washington Post article by a woman named Alyssa Rosenberg, and pointed out that it serves as a textbook example of the phenomena discussed in “Stonewalled.” Indeed, it does. And it deserves a serious Fact Check. Rosenberg’s error-riddled article attempted a number of propaganda tactics I describe in the book. In doing so, […]

Student Removed After Criticizing In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants

Here’s an interesting story courtesy of George Mason University in Virginia. A student government representative was removed from his position after tweeting his objection over illegal immigrants receiving in-state college tuition. Storm Paglia was the undersecretary for university dining services when he recently tweeted his disapproval of the Virginia State law. Read the entire story […]

FCC Chairman Just Says No (to Testifying to Congress)

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is refusing to testify before Congress ahead of a vote tomorrow regarding new regulation of the Internet. “We are deeply disappointed in Chairman Wheeler’s decision,” said committee Republicans Fred Upton (R-MI) and Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) in a statement. “As Chairman Wheeler pushes forward with plans to regulate the Internet, he still refuses […]

Fact Check: Anne Schuchat’s Claim That Vaccines Can’t Cause Brain Damage

[Above image: Dr. Anne Schuchat, Director of the National Center for Immunization, Centers for Disease Control] Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass): “Is there any scientific evidence that vaccines cause profound mental disorders?” Dr. Anne Schuchat, CDC: “No.”                   –Testimony before Senate Committee, Feb. 10, 2015 The top vaccine official at the […]

The Non-Measles Outbreak That’s Not Making News

[Above image: a non-polio enterovirus as seen under a microscope] The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) terms the current measles outbreak in the U.S. as “large multi-state outbreak.” Discussion has permeated everywhere from traditional news media to commentary and pop culture websites. At 141 cases and growing, the incidence of measles is widely considered serious […]

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