Signed Copies of “Stonewalled”

A few of you have asked how to get signed copies of Stonewalled. Harper Collins is trying to work out having signed book plates sent to those who pre-order. If you’re interested, here’s what to do: Email a copy of your pre-order for Stonewalled to Make sure the subject line says “Stonewalled” In the […]

Do Republicans Face Political Peril if Obamacare Subsidies are Deemed Illegal in 27 States?

Four million people in 27 states received a subsidy on federally-run Obamacare exchanges and are getting an average of 76% of their premium paid for courtesy of federal taxpayers. Those subsidies, in the future, could be impacted by the case now moving through the courts. As a reminder: this week in a 2-1 decision, the DC Court of […]

How Secretive is Your State on Executive Orders?

Before he was president, Barack Obama criticized supposed overuse of executive orders. Now that he’s the nation’s chief executive officer, he has embraced executive orders as a way to accomplish his policy objectives when Congress doesn’t agree with him.  That’s now the subject of a planned lawsuit by Republican House Speaker John Boehner. But U.S. […]

EPA Stonewalling on Fracking Pollution

The Center for Public Integrity is out with a new report about fracking air pollution. A subplot that’s most interesting in the article is the stonewalling the CPI and its partners faced at the hands of the EPA. Like other federal entities, the EPA has proven to jealously covet information that actually belongs to the public, according […]

Six Under-Served Stories Covered by Attkisson

1. Questionable Spending of Federal Disaster Relief Funds After Super Storm Sandy While Residents Still Await Help, Money Spent on Tourism Ads. July 9, 2014 via Sinclair Media   2. Military Injustice? Marine Corps Commandant James Amos and the Urinating on Taliban Video Case What Happened to the U.S. Marines Urinating on the Taliban Case? July 16, […]

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