Six Under-Served Stories Covered by Attkisson

1. Questionable Spending of Federal Disaster Relief Funds After Super Storm Sandy While Residents Still Await Help, Money Spent on Tourism Ads. July 9, 2014 via Sinclair Media   2. Military Injustice? Marine Corps Commandant James Amos and the Urinating on Taliban Video Case What Happened to the U.S. Marines Urinating on the Taliban Case? July 16, […]

Signed Copies of “Stonewalled”

A few of you have asked how to get signed copies of Stonewalled. Harper Collins is trying to work out having signed book plates sent to those who pre-order. If you’re interested, here’s what to do: Email a copy of your pre-order for Stonewalled to Make sure the subject line says “Stonewalled” In the […]

Thousands of Qaddafi Era Shoulder-Fired Missiles Missing in Action

The surface-to-air missile attack on a Malaysian jetliner flying over eastern Ukraine is a good reason to revisit my report from 2013 about the thousands of missing shoulder-fired missiles known as MANPADS (Man-portable air-defense systems). As I reported, one major goal of U.S. in Libya prior to the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks on the U.S. mission […]

Good News for Obamacare; Insurance Analyst Weighs In

UnitedHealthcare is expressing confidence in Obamacare by expanding its presence next year to sell policies “in nearly half the exchanges,” according to Kaiser Health News. That’s good news for the government health insurance initiative, especially coming from a company that had expressed caution. Health insurer analyst Robert Laszewski has some thoughts on what might have motivated […]

The Solis Recording: Did ex-Obama Labor Secretary Violate Hatch Act?

It’s no small event for a former presidential administration official to be under federal investigation, but there hasn’t seemed to be too much news media interest in the case of Obama’s ex-Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. On Wednesday this week, a White House spokesman told reporters at a press briefing, for the first time, that there’s […]

How the IRS Scandal Helped Neuter Legitimate Enforcement

The Center for Public Integrity is out with its new, in-depth look into the IRS’ nonprofit exempt division. According to CPI, “The IRS’ nonprofit division, grappling with a decimated staff and limited resources, effectively lost whatever nerve it had left. Notably, it came to a near standstill on deciding whether it should grant ‘social welfare’ […]

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