Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit for Hillary Clinton Email-Related Records

Can Judicial Watch once again get public records that nobody else has been able to obtain? The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit to try to get documents regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s efforts to gain approval for use of an iPhone or iPad to conduct official business.   Judicial Watch […]

Join the 2015 Whistleblower Summit

There may be no greater expression of bravery in America today. Whether it’s a federal worker with a conscience trying to expose government waste, fraud or abuse…. or a corporate employee witnessing public wrongs, becoming a “whistleblower” has never been more difficult. Those who step forward usually lose their careers and have their personal lives thrown into […]

Fact Check: Slate.com Vaccines-Autism Claims

A recent Slate.com article took on Google’s decision to develop new search engine algorithms to filter out what it views as “inaccurate” websites. The authors are David Weinberger, a senior researcher at Harvard’s Berkman Center, and Dan Gillmor of  Arizona State University and author of Mediactive. The authors chose to begin their article using the example of the vaccine-autism controversy. […]

The Baby Oxygen Trials and How Govt. Officials Allegedly Interfered With the Ethics Probe

[This article was first published on June 4 2014] Pressure from government officials and eminent researchers appears to have pushed a federal agency to postpone enforcement action on violations it found in a government-financed experiment on extremely premature babies. The agency, which polices ethics in health studies, says the controversy over the study of preemies […]

Benghazi Committee Gets Some Subpoeaned Docs from State Dept.–Two Years Later

Today, the House Benghazi Committee announced that it has received over 4,000 pages of material from the State Department Accountability Review Board (ARB) that analyzed State Department actions and policy regarding the September 11, 2012 terrorist attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya. Questions about the ARB’s review and independence have been raised since […]

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