Billions in Social Security Disability Improperly Awarded?

Billions of tax dollars are potentially being awarded improperly through America’s disability program administered by the Social Security Administration. That’s the conclusion of a Congressional report out this week from the Republican-led House Oversight Committee. The program can ill-afford waste. The Social Security Disability Insurance trust fund, intended to pay legitimately disabled Americans who are […]

“Architect” of Enhanced Interrogation: Some Allegations “Not True”

Psychologist James Mitchell tells me it was unfair for Senate Democrats to release a report accusing him and his military partner of bad behavior without giving him and the C.I.A. the chance to defend or explain themselves. Some say the techniques utilized constituted torture and revealed no worthwhile information. Mitchell responds. Watch James Mitchell interview  

Gruber Obamacare Documents Subpoenaed

Today, outgoing chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Darrel Issa (R-CA), announced he has subpoenaed ObamaCare contractor, M.I.T. professor Jonathan Gruber, “for all documents and communications with federal, state, or local government employees related to aspects of his work on the President’s health care law.” Gruber testified Tuesday before the Committee about his role […]

Reflections on Rolling Stone’s Messy, Mossy UVA Rape Story

The following is a commentary. (Above image courtesy Anthony Easton/flickr: PinkMoose) Rolling Stone’s disintegrating campus rape story is an example of the perils of the increasingly blurred lines between traditional, straight news organizations… and outlets such as pop culture magazines and blogs that sometimes dabble in news-type journalism. By traditional, straight news organizations, I mean outlets such as […]

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